The Commonwealth and the Confederacy

“Confederacy” and “Commonwealth” in America: A Parallel History of Failed Sovereignty American Confederacy, “Autonomous Associated State” and Puerto Rico’s “Commonwealth” Confederacy What is there in common about failed “confederacy” defeated… Read more »

Unity with Puerto Rico

Thousands marched in solidarity with Puerto Rico in Washington, D.C. yesterday. The demands of the protestors: Equal treatment with states for Puerto Rico in disaster relief Supplying disaster relief funding… Read more »

Congressional Support for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has just one member in Congress: the Resident Commissioner, who can introduce bills and sit on committees, but cannot vote. There are no senators for Puerto Rico, and… Read more »

Puerto Rico Statehood: Pros and Cons

The advantages of statehood for Puerto Rico are obvious: The sometimes bizarre legal inequalities between Puerto Rico and the states would end, immediately helping disaster response. For example, Puerto Rico… Read more »