Bhatia Will Support Statehood Vote

Puerto Rico Senate President Eduardo Bhatia has said that he would approve a yes/no vote on statehood for Puerto Rico, if the Congress would allow it. A yes/no vote on… Read more »

Puerto Rico’s Population Change

[ViaviWordPressTimeline timelineid=”2″] Data from U.S. Census, Pew Research Center, Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, and U.S. Census Bureau.

How the States Were Made

The original 13 British colonies that rebelled against England in 1776 and won independence for our nation were eligible to become states under the Articles of Confederation, which created the… Read more »

What Are the Insular Cases?

When you read about Puerto Rico’s struggle to resolve the political status question, you ‘ll often see references to the Insular Cases. What are they? The Insular Cases are a… Read more »