Puerto Rico in 20 Years

“If we do nothing,” Rep. Don Young asked when he chaired the recent hearing on Puerto Rico’s status and economy, “where do you see Puerto Rico in 20 years?” Resident… Read more »

Medical Care in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been working to become a major destination for medical tourism — the practice of traveling to a less expensive location for medical care. A knee replacement can… Read more »

Independence Party Worries

U.S. and Puerto Rico flags, by Arturo de la Barrera on Flickr

In the recent House subcommittee hearing on Puerto Rico, Rubén Berrios, the head of Puerto Rico’s Independence party, expressed concern that the people of Puerto Rico would choose statehood. Asked… Read more »

Why Are You Here?

César A. Miranda Rodríguez, the Attorney General of Puerto Rico, attended the House subcommittee in the place of Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla. During the question period, Rep. Sablan of the… Read more »