Colonial Puerto Rico

Thanksgiving is the one time of year when people in the United States think about their colonial heritage. The first American Thanksgiving probably took place in Texas in the 16th… Read more »

Beer & Barbecue Option

It is legally possible for Puerto Rico to continue as a territory indefinitely. The Insular Cases, a series of decisions by the Supreme Court in the early 20th century, makes… Read more »

Puerto Rico Statehood Glossary

When you read about and discuss the political status of Puerto Rico, you might run into some terms that are unfamiliar. Here’s what they mean. Commonwealth: In the United States,… Read more »

Welcoming Newcomers from Puerto Rico

West Lafayette, Indiana, has been working since September on a resolution to welcome newcomers from Puerto Rico. Resolution No. 14-18, “A Resolution Welcoming Citizens Relocating From Puerto Rico,” was sponsored… Read more »