Voting Rights and Puerto Rico

Millions of Americans went out yesterday to vote. 36 million voted early, and Tuesday’s voters completed a record turnout for midterm elections. Puerto Rico didn’t have the opportunity to vote… Read more »

Birthright Citizenship and Puerto Rico

By Howard Hills What will Trump’s proposed executive order on birthright citizenship mean to territories? President Trump has not proposed an end to birthright U.S. citizenship by general application of… Read more »

Birthright Citizenship

By Howard Hills It is within the authority and responsibility of Congress to preserve and in a constitutionally permissible way regulate as necessary acquisition of birthright citizenship under Section 1… Read more »

NAACP Backs Statehood for Puerto Rico

The NAACP, the largest and oldest civil rights organization in the United States, has once again spoken up for statehood for Puerto Rico. This should not be surprising news. Puerto… Read more »