“Nationalism” in U.S. territories

By Howard Hills Politicians and journalists in Puerto Rico sometimes refer to that U.S. federal territory as a “country.” That mistakenly implies it has the status of a “nation” under… Read more »

How Hurricane Maria Affected Children

Puerto Rico has already chosen statehood out of the three possible status options (independence, statehood, and continuing as a territory). Congress must take the next step and vote to accept… Read more »

PROMESA Board Saved

The White House has asked the Senate to approve of the current PROMESA board members, cutting it close with the upcoming deadline. PROMESA is a 2016 bill that established a… Read more »

Puerto Rico Day Parade in Orlando

Orlando’s Third Annual Puerto Rico Day Parade and Festival feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, police and fire departments, and Peter Vivaldi’s crew in PR51st T shirts! Thousands came out to… Read more »

Statehood Is a Bipartisan Issue

Research organization Data for Progress recently surveyed 1,282 U.S. citizens about statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. They found that support for statehood for Puerto Rico is much stronger… Read more »