Take Action

Puerto Rico is closer to statehood than ever before. The people of Puerto Rico voted for statehood in November 2012. The White House declared that the results were clear. The U.S. government has historically and repeatedly expressed a commitment to support the choice of the Puerto Rican people regarding the possible status options for the Island.

The Governor of Puerto Rico has delayed the process. The United States has been criticized once again by the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization for having a colony.

There are steps that you can take:

  • Join us. This allows us to keep in touch with you as opportunities to make a difference arise.
  • Contact your legislators. Whether you live in Puerto Rico or in a State, your representatives in Congress need to know that the status of Puerto Rico matters to you.
  • Sign a petition. A show of strength lets the U.S. Government know that it cannot drag its feet.
  • Donate. Time and money are needed. If you have either to devote to the cause of democracy and equality for Puerto Rico, you can help, and we want to talk with you.