HR 4901, Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act of 2019

Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, introduced HR 4901, the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Act of 2019, in Congress yesterday.

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Congress can admit any U.S. territory as a state with a simple majority vote.

HR 4901 began with 45 co-sponsors, 29 Democrats and 16 Republicans (counting Gonzalez-Colon). Here are the original cosponsors:

  • Rep. Gonzalez-Colon, Jenniffer (R-PR)
  • Rep. Young, Don (R-AK)
  • Rep. Bishop, Rob (R-UT)
  • Rep. Soto, Darren (D-FL)
  • Rep. Murphy, Stephanie (D-FL)
  • Rep. Gallego, Ruben (D-AZ)
  • Rep. Waltz, Michael (R-FL)
  • Rep. Plaskett, Stacey (D-VI)
  • Rep. Diaz-Balart, Mario (R-FL)
  • Rep. Stefanik, Elise (R-NY)
  • Rep. Crist, Charlie (D-FL)
  • Rep. King, Peter (R-NY)
  • Rep. Shalala, Donna (D-FL)
  • Rep. Bacon, Don (R-NE)
  • Rep. Wasserman Schultz, Debbie (D-FL)
  • Rep. Fitzpatrick, Brian (R-PA)
  • Rep. Radewagen, Aumua Amata Coleman (R-AS)
  • Rep. Swalwell, Eric (D-CA)
  • Rep. Huffman, Jared (D-CA)
  • Rep. Posey, Bill (R-FL)
  • Rep. Cicilline, David (D-RI)
  • Rep. Lowenthal, Alan (D-CA)
  • Rep. Vargas, Juan (D-CA)
  • Rep. Kirkpatrick, Ann (D-AZ)
  • Rep. Katko, John (R-NY)
  • Rep. Banks, Jim (R-IN)
  • Rep. Beatty, Joyce (D-OH)
  • Rep. Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho (D-MP)
  • Rep. Brown, Anthony (D-MD)
  • Rep. Lewis, John (D-GA)
  • Rep. LaMalfa, Doug (R-CA)
  • Rep. Demings, Val Butler (D-FL)
  • Rep. Wilson, Joe (R-SC)
  • Rep. San Nicolas, Michael (D-GU)
  • Rep. Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. (D-GA)
  • Rep. Carbajal, Salud (D-CA)
  • Rep. Brownley, Julia (D-CA)
  • Rep. Foster, Bill (D-IL)
  • Rep. Beyer, Donald S., Jr. (D-VA)
  • Rep. Raskin, Jamie (D-MD)
  • Rep. Hastings, Alcee (D-FL)
  • Rep. Wild, Susan (D-PA)
  • Rep. Peterson, Collin (D-MN)
  • Rep. Spano, Ross (R-FL)

Is your representative on the list? Please say thank you to them for supporting statehood for Puerto Rico. If they’re not on the list, please reach out and help them understand why they should.


Jose Heyliger

Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States and we need PR to be 51st state as soon as possible. If we look at the events that happen in Venezuela and Cuba, it makes me think that statehood is the solution.

Jimmy Roman

Thank you to all that support PR StateHood pr deserve a fair and equal opportunity . thank you all for your helping making a change for the better in quality of live for PR

J Raymond Watson

Great news for me, that Congress can admit Puerto Rico as the 51 st Sovereign State of the USA by a single majority vote!!!!!! Always believed it would take a nationwide referendum majority approval?????
We need to be EQUAL, so we must stop at nothing!!!!! All populares who want to remain US Citizens in permanent union with USA have to be convinced, can be convinced, and must be convinced……. and knowing this helps!!!!!!! J RAYMOND WATSON, PUERTORICAN, PAST MEMBER 2 PR GOVERNOR CABINETS (FERRE & ROMERO BARCELO)


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