Statehood Bumper Sticker

More than 60 days after Hurricane Maria made landfall, many people in Puerto Rico are still without basic essentials such as electricity, clean water, food or a way to cook food, sanitation systems, and even shelter.

In rural areas, things are still very difficult.

We hear people say that this is not the time to talk about statehood, but we disagree. Puerto Rico must be rebuilt. Bayamon blogger Jose Rubio writes, “As we sit and wait, everything that is going on around us is floating like a balloon without direction.”

We believe that there is direction, but we know that the U.S. Congress must take action, because Congress has the power over Puerto Rico. Right now, Puerto Rico is in desperate need of federal funding. That funding shouldn’t pay for Band-Aids to shore up the old systems with no change for the future. In order for Puerto Rico to rebuild strong for a better future, Puerto Rico needs change.

Puerto Rico cannot continue as an unincorporated territory and expect change. We must have statehood.

Congress will not take action unless they understand that statehood is the only way forward for Puerto Rico, and they will only understand this if we tell them. One way you can do that is with a bumper sticker. It shows that you are on the right side of history, looking forward to Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

Shouldn’t every friend and family member have one?

Get your bumper stickers now.

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