What Does Puerto Rico Bring to the Table?

There is no question that Statehood would benefit Puerto Rico. Not only do we have the historical evidence showing that territories that become States become more prosperous, but we also know that States get more support from the federal government than territories do. Since States have more political power than territories and more influence over the Congress, we can be sure that Puerto Rico would have a stronger voice as a State than it currently has.

Puerto Rico’s current financial crisis proves that the current status isn’t working out for the Island.

But what does Puerto Rico have to offer the United States? Will having Puerto Rico as the 51st State be good for the U.S.?

Short answer: yes. Here’s a sampling of the goodies Puerto Rico has to offer the United States:

  • Cultural enrichment. Puerto Rico’s culture is already enriching the United States, since there are currently five million people of Puerto Rican descent living on the U.S. mainland. Puerto Ricans are the second largest Hispanic group in the U.S., after Mexican-Americans. Statehood will bring increased awareness and appreciation of Puerto Rico’s culture across the nation.
  • Natural resources. Puerto Rico has mineral deposits including copper, nickel, oil, and natural gas. As a State, Puerto Rico will be in a stronger position to harvest these minerals. Puerto Rico is also an ideal area for various kinds of renewable energy. Texas provides wind farms that benefit the nation as a whole and bring money into the State, and Puerto Rico has the capacity to do the same.
  • Rain forest. El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System.
  • Coral reefs. Puerto Rico is also home to coral reefs as well as many other specialized habitats. These locations provide opportunities for research as well as for tourism.
  • People. The people of Puerto Rico already serve as an important resource for the United States, serving in the military in impressive numbers and taking their places on the national stage. As a State, Puerto Rico would make it easier for U.S. businesses to connect with the Island’s educated, bilingual workforce.

True, the United States already benefits from Puerto Rico’s resources. As a State, however, Puerto Rico would be in a stronger position to make other States aware of the partnership opportunities that exist — and more of those opportunities would exist.


Why would we want a state that is in major debt and would need billions of dollars just too get it out of third world conditions

Isaac Cuevas

It is the current status quo that has been keeping Puerto Rico in third world conditions. We have been colonized since 1493, since 1898 by the U.S. We can’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps when you are holding our shoes.


we pay almost all taxes except the federal tax
but this is mainly because services the federal goverment normally takes care of the federal goverment doesnt even touch
also we pay the same and sometimes more amount of payroll tax but only get 70 percent of its benefits
this means that social security and medicare here are much weaker and smaller.
Also even though money is a factor its much bigger than that. This is about equal rights and political freedoms to 3 million Americans. The myth that we only have wanted statehood since the crisis is wrong. If you look at all the elections one can notice a increase ever 1960 for statehood support. Each year statehood support grows massively.

Eli pocrita

In other words has nothing to offer to the nation.. just another welfare, populist state.. its not a win situation to the USA


kind of wrong actually
first of all we would start paying federal taxes
second of all tarrifs coming from both countries would be lower leading to a massive decrease of prices
puerto rico has a very strong pharmaceutical industry and by introducing puerto rico as a state drug prices would go down by alot
if you dont mind me asking, form what state are you eli?


Seems a bit too hopeful. In reality, the state of Puerto Rico would need a large increase in aid, just to get basic necessities up to par. IE-electrical grid, water treatment plants, divisional fuel transport. Money will come from other states to subsidize the building process. Which, since it has no viable economic capability, means that money wouldn’t be able to be payed back in revenue terms. The only thing that Puerto Rico offers on an economical level, is tourism. The resources you site, are not developed and a simple Google search shows there isn’t much to the natural gas findings.
Puerto Rico needs the United States statehood FAR more then the United States needs Puerto Rico.
Culture (food, music..ect) doesn’t bring much more than new yoricans have already brought. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but Puerto Rico would be better, trying to make their own way like the Dominican Republic. At least DR doesn’t look to anyone else to fill in the gap.


So Puerto Rico has nothing to offer the US. Copper, nickel, & natural gas are things the US already produces. I am not sure why you would list a rain forest & culture. Coral reefs??? People??? That’s not offering anything productive. I’m all for Puerto Rico to become an independent country.


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