Are Your Lawmakers on the Right Side of History?

It’s time to get straight answers from our lawmakers. We want to know who supports statehood for Puerto Rico, and who is opposed to equal rights for the U.S. citizens living on the Island.

PR51st wants to make this easy for you, so here are some tools you can use to contact your senators and members of Congress, even if you’re not sure who they are. You will need to use your zip code or your street address to direct the message to the right people.

1.Tweet Congress!

This tool will open a new window for you. You can use our tweets, or write your own before you hit send.

2. Email Congress!

This tool will show your senator and your members of Congress. Send your email to all of them. You will also see their phone numbers, so you can call them, too.

3. Visit Congress!

The most powerful step you can take is to speak to your lawmakers about statehood in person. Use the tool below to find your lawmakers’ local office locations so that you can schedule a meeting.