What Is Congress Doing?

Senator Maria Cantwell, a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the committee that deals with U.S. territories including Puerto Rico, spoke in Congress about the… Read more »

Walmart Sues Puerto Rico

As though Puerto Rico didn’t have enough trouble, Walmart is suing Puerto Rico. Walmart is the top retailer in the United States (Amazon actually sells more but is only an internet seller… Read more »

Is Puerto Rico a Country?

Facebook lists Puerto Rico as a “country,” even though the official description for Puerto Rico’s fan page says clearly that Puerto Rico is a territory.  For Facebook, it’s just because… Read more »

What’s a Clawback?

If you follow the news on Puerto Rico’s fiscal problems, you might have noticed that the Governor of Puerto Rico, arguing that the territory is in a “death spiral,” reported that he… Read more »