Taxes in Puerto Rico Now

  One question that often comes up in discussions about equality for Puerto Rico is taxation. Some say that they don’t want statehood because it would increase taxes. Others say… Read more »

Predictions on Puerto Rico

In June, Joaquín A. Márquez predicted some negative outcomes for Puerto Rico: I predict that within the next three months the island’s government will either default on its financial obligations,… Read more »

Young Democrats Favor Statehood

  The Young Democrats of America have added a plank to their platform: Recognizing the will of the people of Puerto Rico, as expressed in official referenda, to reject the… Read more »

Is Puerto Rico a Colony?

Puerto Rico is neither a State nor a country, but a territory of the United States. Some people might say that it is in fact a colony of the United… Read more »

What About that Two Way Pact?

In recent discussions about Puerto Rico’s status, the “commonwealth” party has been talking about the need for Puerto Rico’s government to sit down with the U.S. Congress and work out… Read more »