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“I am an American citizen, but while applying for colleges in the United States, I had to fill out documents as if I were a foreigner.”

– Ariel Jared Velez

“What we represent is something that is really needed in Puerto Rico, which is the equality that statehood brings us.”

– Donovan Belcher Ortiz

“If we are American Citizens then why don’t we have equal rights to the rest of the citizens in the Nation?”

– Keishla Rodriguez



    Join the "Voices of #Statehood4PR" project where we share personal stories of supporters from across the nation. Let us know what motivates you to support statehood for Puerto Rico. Share your personal story that connects you with this cause, and let us amplify your voice to reach others and help grow the #Statehood4PR movement.

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    “My sister has special needs when it comes to education, and I don’t see the same treatment for her as is provided to special needs kids in the states.”

    – Coralys Vega

    “If we had equal funding, I am positive that Puerto Ricans would be better off than they are today.”

    – Jose Perez Martinez

    “I believe that statehood means equal justice under the law.”

    – Juan Camilo Ruiz

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