If you live in TX11 — the district in Texas containing Odessa and San Angelo, your Congressional Representative is Mike Conaway.

Rep. Conaway has a history of supporting Puerto Rico. We’ve written a letter to thank him. We also ask him to support the new bill for Puerto Rico statehood.

Rep. Conaway, you’ve supported Puerto Rico’s rights in the past. You cosponsored HR 4867, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2006. You cosponsored HR 900, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2007. You cosponsored HR 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010.

Thank you for your support through the years. I hope that you will support Puerto Rico again. As you know, a new Puerto Rico status bill is in preparation and will soon be introduced.

Since 2010, the people of Puerto Rico have twice voted for statehood and the elected government of the territory has officially requested statehood. Putting Puerto Rico on the path to statehood will help get Puerto Rico’s economy on track, and will help the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico overcome the continuing problems caused by Hurricane Maria.

Your help is essential. Thank you.

Please share this message, or your own words on the subject, with Rep. Conaway. His support is important, and we believe that his heart is in the right place.

You can send an email to Rep. Conaway by filling out a form on his website. Rep. Conaway only accepts emails from his constituents, the people living in his district. See the map below if you’re not sure whether you live in District 11.

You can also tweet Rep Conaway at @ConawayTX11 or call him at 202-225-3605.

Click the messages below to tweet them to Rep. Conaway:

@ConawayTX11, thank you for supporting Puerto Rico in the past. Please support the new statehood bill for Puerto Rico. The time is now. Click To Tweet Rep Mike Conaway, @ConawayTX11, please support the patriotic U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico by supporting the new statehood bill. Thank you! Click To Tweet