The U.S. Congress decides when Puerto Rico will become a state. To convince Congress, we need voters to tell their legislators how important statehood is.

Social media is one of the most important ways to educate and motivate people. With the help and support of friends and family, we can encourage Congress to take action.

Here are some tweets to get you started! Just click to tweet these from your own Twitter account.

The U.S. didn’t start out with 50 states. America has grown and changed over time, adding states along the way. It’s time for a 51st star! Tell your legislators to support equality and statehood in #PuertoRico Share on X Congress has the final say, but we have the power to influence our legislators. Together we can make statehood for #PuertoRico a reality. Ask your Representatives to support statehood!#PR51st #ChampionforStatehood Share on X Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican men and women have proudly served in the U.S. military. If the U.S. citizens of #PuertoRico can serve our country, shouldn't they have the same say in our government as the rest of us? Support… Share on X The more people that stand up for Puerto Rico, the more likely it is that congress will take action and admit Puerto Rico into the Union as the 51st state!#PR51st #ChampionforStatehood Share on X If you were born on Puerto Rican soil in the past 100 years, you are a U.S. citizen by birth! Support #equality for the #Americans of #PuertoRico#PR51st #ChampionforStatehood Share on X Did you know that #SCOTUS decisions have repeatedly denied a 'New Commonwealth' option for #PuertoRico? The only way to ensure prosperity and equality for the Island is statehood.#PR51st #ChampionforStatehood Share on X #PuertoRico has been under the U.S. flag for 120 years. Those born in Puerto Rico since 1917 have been U.S. citizens by birth. Addressing Puerto Rico’s status means taking care of our own. #PR51st #ChampionforStatehood Share on X

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