After 124 years under the U.S. flag, H.R. 8393 will finally allow the people of Puerto Rico, your fellow U.S. citizens, the option to choose to become full and equal participants in American society through statehood or to create their own separate country through either independence or sovereignty in free association. But the window of opportunity to finally decolonize Puerto Rico this Congress is almost gone!

What would a “Yes” vote
for the Puerto Rico Status Act mean?

A Yes vote on H.R. 8393 means:

  • Stopping the racist and undemocratic reign of American territorial colonialism in Puerto Rico. H.R. 8393 will finally end the deeply shameful, undemocratic, and fundamentally unequal colonial territory status, which Congress has imposed on Puerto Rico and is rooted in 19th Century racism, prejudice and bigotry that has no place in 21st Century America.
  • Ending tax breaks for the rich and inequality for the poor.  Under the current territory status wealthy individuals from the states are relocating to Puerto Rico to save millions by legally avoiding federal income taxes. At the same time the most vulnerable individuals and families in Puerto Rico are discriminated against under federal laws and programs related to healthcare, nutrition, disabilities, working families, and more.
  • Preventing families and communities from being torn apart. According to the most recent update of the 2020 Census figures, over 700,000 people have left Puerto Rico in the last two decades. Their main motivations for moving are a lack of sufficient economic opportunities on the island and a lower quality of life. Both of those disparities are directly connected to the unequal treatment under federal laws and the democratic deficit of territorial disenfranchisement at the federal level.
  • Giving a voice to your fellow American citizens. Under the current territory status over 3.1 million U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico are denied the right to vote for president, have no representation in the Senate, and are limited to a single House member without equal voting rights on the floor.
  • Respecting the will of Puerto Rico. Voters in Puerto Rico have rejected continuing under the unequal territory status and favored statehood among the viable non-territory options three times in the last decade. Congress can’t continue engaging in election denial by ignoring the significance of these elections. Congress has a responsibility to provide a final choice to the people of Puerto Rico among non-territory options that guarantee full voting rights.

Support & Pass H.R. 8393, the Puerto Rico Status Act,
on the House floor

We strongly urge all members of Congress to join Puerto Rico’s top elected leaders, the Governor and Resident Commissioner, to support and pass H.R. 8393, Puerto Rico Status Act.

We have a real chance to end Puerto Rico’s undemocratic and unequal territory status this session of Congress. But time is running out quickly.

Don’t let Congress perpetuate the injustice of colonialism!

Vote “YES” on H.R. 8393!

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