After 124 years under the U.S. flag, H.R. 8393 will finally allow the people of Puerto Rico, your fellow U.S. citizens, the option to choose to become full and equal participants in American society through statehood or to create their own separate country through either independence or sovereignty in free association.

What would a “Yes” vote
for the Puerto Rico Status Act mean?

A Yes vote on H.R. 8393 means:

  • Protecting America’s national security interests in the Caribbean and defending against the threat and influence of the radical far left in Latin America. As China, Russia and Iran seek to expand their presence in Latin America, Puerto Rico is more critical to America’s national security than ever.
  • Ensuring that U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico contribute equally to paying federal taxes. This bill makes sure the territory is not a welfare state by making U.S. citizen residents of Puerto Rico pay their fair share of federal taxes and helping them achieve sustainable economic growth.
  • Increasing competition against China by strengthening American manufacturing. There are over 100 pharmaceutical, biotech, and aerospace facilities in Puerto Rico to help bring back manufacturing to the U.S., reduce drug prices, and secure America’s supply chain.
  • Supporting conservative values. A majority of Puerto Ricans believe in conservative principles that value religious freedom and individual liberty. The majority of Puerto Ricans are patriotic people that deserve full equality as American citizens.
  • Preventing corruption and increasing accountability on the use of federal funds on the island. H.R. 8393 phases out federal funds if Puerto Rico votes for “independence” or “free association” and increases federal tax revenues if they vote for “statehood.”

Support & Pass H.R. 8393, the Puerto Rico Status Act,
on the House floor

This bipartisan legislative compromise is beneficial to both Puerto Rico and the U.S.  H.R. 8393, Puerto Rico Status Act, strengthens America’s defense, increases tax revenue, and most importantly, brings America back in-line with its founding values.

We have a real chance to end Puerto Rico’s undemocratic and unequal territory status this session of Congress. But time is running out quickly.

Congress, we need you to vote in America’s best interest.

Vote “YES” on H.R. 8393!

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