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Citizens Without a State is a thought-provoking book from Howard Hills, explaining with clarity, wit, and deep expertise the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico.

This book tells how the relationship has developed since the United States received Puerto Rico from Spain in the aftermath of the Spanish American War, why the current situation is not optimal for Puerto Rico or for the U.S., and what should be done to change it.

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This book, written by Howard Hills, a territorial law expert, with a foreword by a former U.S. Attorney General, underscores the real issues underlying the PR fiscal crisis that Congress is addressing.

It’s a readable book with clear explanations of how the current situation came about and what must be done to resolve the problem and carry Puerto Rico forward toward a positive future.


  • Puerto Rican Identity and American Democracy
  • Consent of the Governed
  • Restoring America’s Anti-Colonial Values
  • Self-determination: An American Tradition
  • National Citizenship in Puerto Rico
  • Advent of “Balzac Citizenship”  for Puerto Rico
  • Sources of U.S. Citizenship Rights
  • “Balzac Citizenship” —an Incomplete Status
  • Curse of the “Happy Imperialist”
  • Restoring Northwest Ordinance
  • Principles For Puerto Rico
  • Afterword: The Prospect Now Before Us
  • A Statehood Primer – History of Statehood: Lessons for Puerto Rico


The book also includes a detailed timeline of Puerto Rico history, an introduction to the paths to statehood of the current 50 States, and a retrospective of the United States flag as stars have been added.

Citizens Without A State – English Summary

Citizens Without A State – Spanish Summary

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  1. carlos vazquez


    • César Méndez

      Integramos un grupo de estadistas residentes de Puerto Rico y el Continente que estamos organizados bajo el nombre de Coalición Pro Derechos e Igualdad CPDEI
      Nos gustaría comunicarnos con los administradores de
      Nuestro número de celular es 7873251400.
      Gracias y adelante !!!

    • Miriam Gonzalez

      Yes celos I want mybiutifull island to be count 51 state

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