Confusion over Voting Rights

In wrapping up his brilliant comedic spoof deftly outing the U.S. for denial of voting rights and equal citizenship in its off-shore territories, Last Week Tonight political satirist John Oliver conceded each… Read more »

What’s VAT?

Almost every organization conceivable in Puerto Rico is opposing Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s proposed VAT. There are public demonstrations against it nearly every day, sometimes with thousands protesting the planned… Read more »

Captain Puerto Rico?

Captain America has taken to the big screen, and people across America (or at least on social media) are thinking… he’s actually Captain Puerto Rico, wearing the Puerto Rican territorial… Read more »


In the 1970s, there was a region controlled by the United States which felt forgotten. Highway projects zoomed around them, railroads scurried by them, and there was no development going… Read more »