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Statehood offers some real advantages for the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico:

  1. You will have a voice. Right now, Puerto Rico has one representative in Congress, and he can vote only in committees. He cannot vote on laws. He speaks up for Puerto Rico, but he has no vote — and that you means that you don’t have as much of a voice as people in the States. Puerto Rico is subject to the laws of the United States, but has very little say in those laws. We would have 2 U.S. Senators and at least 5 Congressmen in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  2. You will have a vote. Puerto Rico doesn’t participate in presidential elections now. As a State, Puerto Rico will be able to participate in these elections, and will therefore have more political power.
  3. You might become eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, a tax credit designed to help working families. This tax credit doesn’t reduce federal income taxes to zero, but can also provide a refund even if you owe no taxes. Nearly half of all Americans do not owe any income taxes, and the EITC helps improve lives for millions of these people.
  4. You would become eligible for equal benefits from a number of programs that currently are unevenly distributed. Americans living in States — including millions of Puerto Ricans — receive more in the way of healthcare and other benefits that the U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico.
  5. As a State, Puerto Rico will be able to compete for business effectively with other States. The infrastructure will be stonger, the economy will move forward, and Puerto Rico will — just as Hawaii and Alaska did — be able to overcome the economic problems that have plagued the islands. This means that you will have greater opportunities in your life.

The U.S. Government has committed to respect the will of Puerto Rico’s people. We need to let Congress know that it’s time for statehood. Write to your representative today — we make it easy!

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  1. Right know i paid nothing for my house (tx) if we became a state everyone of us will paid,so stick the estatehood where the sun not shine

    • You who are for statehood believe all the hype of benefits. Here in P.R. you can truly own your home. Once you become a state you will own it as long as you pay ever increasing taxes and on the land too.In the states you will be forced to pay higher fees for owning a car,your home,a boat. Hawaii and Alaska were forced to give up their culture to become a state why do you think they have not made you a state. The elections in the U.S show what they think and feel about Spanish speaking people even if they are American. And tell those to list the real benefits. All those supposedly tax benefits– they are working to get rid of them.Social Security is in trouble.Welfare is in trouble too.Stop believing the words of the two parties that caused us as a people to be shamed in the eyes of the world and loose our ability to govern ourselves. TAKE BACK CONTROL-. If you are going for state make sure you educate yourself before your vote. You can not trust the PNP OR PPD OR PPT( These made 72 billion dollars of debt disappear) and you know it and now they will force you to pay it back while they tell you lies to keep them in power .Look for a change, choose other parties ,give change a chance or you will forever be a slave as they take your homeland and give it away. Because of their actions many have been forced to leave. WAKE UP ALREADY YOU HAVE BEEN SLEEPING TO LONG!!

  2. 51st state! Yes you will have to pay federal taxes but you will receive so many benefits and congress would help you pay off the debt. Your culture will still thrive. If you look at Hawaii you can see that it didn’t change the way of life at all.

    -‘Colorado, USA

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