Puerto Rico is on track for statehood and closer than ever before. This summer, the people of Puerto Rico will vote for statehood or independence and demand that Congress settle the political status of Puerto Rico with a permanent, non-territorial status.

At that point, there will be many details for Congress and the Island to sort out. One of the questions that stimulates people’s imaginations the most is how the new U.S. flag will look.

The 50th star, Hawaii’s star, was added to the United States flag on July 4, 1960. A student came up with the design that is so familiar to all of us now.

The flag that was shown behind Vice President Mike Pence in Brussels is a slight change, with six rows of 9 stars rather than 5 rows of 10. It’s logical and wouldn’t take much getting used to.

However, Daniel Rubino has come up with a less obvious, more lively design. With his permission, we’re sharing it with you.

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  1. It would be more accurate to describe the first flag as it having 3 rows of 9 stars alternating with 3 rows of 8.
    (9 x 3) + (8 x 3)
    27 + 24

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