Popular Puerto Rican singer/ songwriter Andrés Jiminéz will present a Three Kings Day concert in Miami this week. Jimines, who is also known as “El Jibaro,” intends to bring Puerto Rican music of the season in his Regal de Reyes performance, which will include a setting of “décimas” by beloved Puerto Rican poet Virgilio Dávila as well as Puerto Rican folk songs relating to the special day of Epiphany.

Jiminéz is best known as a folksinger, dedicated to traditional Puerto Rican music. however, he plans to perform music from other Latin American traditions. His intention is to bring the Puerto Rican and other Hispanic communities together and strengthen ties between Puerto Rico and Florida.


Puerto Rican culture in Florida

Florida now has the largest Puerto Rican population in the States, supplanting New York in this position. With over one million Puerto Ricans, Florida is now an important outpost of Puerto Rican culture.

“Bring your friends, neighbors, and coworkers; let’s show them how beautiful our traditional music is,” said producer Anthony Rodriguez, who is better known by his stage name, Tony Toyán.

Jiminez was born in Orocovis, Puerto Rico, and now divides his time between his home town and San Juan. While he has performed in Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Germany, this will be his first concert in Miami.



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