Presidential candidate Andrew Yang clearly supports statehood for Puerto Rico.


His website says

Puerto Rico has been a part of the United States for over a century, and yet its people are still denied many of the rights of full citizens because it is a commonwealth of the US instead of a full state. Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly want to be a state, and we should endorse this and make it happen.

Puerto Rico should be a state – they function as one right now without the political rights and bankruptcy protection. If Puerto Ricans looked like Swedes they’d be a state already. We must not only offer them political equality but help them rebuild their economy and infrastructure – it will take time but that’s what Americans do.

Problems to be Solved

  • Puerto Rico has been a part of the US for over a century but has never been granted the full rights of statehood.

Yang is one of the few candidates who has a clear statement of his position on Puerto Rico at his website.

Clear statements

Statehood for Puerto Rico is an important issue. It is critical for the 3.2 million U.S. citizens living on the Island, but it is also important for all Americans.

Owning a colony in the 21st century is an embarrassment to the United States. #AdmitPuertoRico as a state. #PR51st Share on X

If you live in a state, you will be able to vote in the next presidential election. If you live in Puerto Rico, or in a state, you will have a vote in the primaries next year. Ask your favorite candidate: will you support statehood for Puerto Rico?



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