For Puerto Rico, there’s no going back. The illusion of a special “enhanced commonwealth” status, the fantasy of “autonomy” paid for by the federal government, the fake tax tricks — all have been swept away.

What’s left is movement forward. Statehood, with the full rights and responsibilities of a state, is the only positive choice for Puerto Rico. With statehood will come equal treatment under the law, whether it’s disaster recovery, health care, or voting.

Congress can make Puerto Rico a state with a simple majority vote. They won’t do that unless they see that the people who vote for them want equality for Puerto Rico.

One way to show this is with the power of social media. Tweet to your representatives in Congress. Call, send an email,  use the Sound Off on the right.

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Please use this overlay at Facebook so your friends and family will see that you are on the right side of history. It may start a conversation. It will help your representatives see that you are serious about statehood for Puerto Rico.

It’s time.

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Tell your friends and family, too. Let’s get the word out!



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  1. Puerto Rico should be a state.. We are owned by the United States so why not.. Make Puerto Rico a state

  2. The US citizens of Puerto Rico. we all need to be united. to be one nation . I’m proud to be an American citizen but I love to see Puerto Rico as a state of the United States of America. One nation equality for all American.

  3. The time has come for Puerto Rico to become the 51st State. We are asking President Trump, Congress, Representatives and Supreme Court to come to an accord in doing so. We respectability request that this be considered in your next agenda. Thank you

  4. It’s about time that Puerto Rico becomes a state. No beating around the bushes. Puerto Rico has given a lot to the US in our men serving in all branches of the military . My grandfather, Pedro Molina, served in WWI and I’m so proud. Yes, the good people of Puerto Rico have a lot to offer and are an important part of this great United States nation. Since 1898 is a long time trying to make up once mind. Let’s not wait any longer and make Puerto Rico become another star on the USA flag. Lets become a part of greatness.

  5. Puerto Rico is NOT ready for statehood.
    Lack of full disclusure of the consequence of ststehood. The island politician only inform the residences of more federal funds is PR is a state. Do Not mention the responsabilities of the residence of paying federal income tax and other financial responsibilities.
    If the federal plebiscite take place. All forms of political options should be included (statehood, independence, free state, non of the above]

  6. Since childhood I’ve been treated as a second class citizen in USA, and I couldn’t understand why!, as I grew older I was always told well you wasn’t born in the USA, you have to prove your an American to be an American, I would always say Puerto Ricans are American Citizens, again I was told Puerto Ricans aren’t real American Citizens because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth state and that we don’t have same citizen rights, that common was too much for my brain to register, I was confused for a long time afther that, when I was about to complete high school we were approached by military recruiters to join the military because the Vietnam war was going on and we were needed to support the country, I had said are we editable for service, I was told that as a US citizen we were, so in I went, and for 32 years I was a soldier, of those 32 years I spent 28 overseas, I didn’t pay much attention to being Puerto Rican and being a soldier I was an American, that’s all I heard in all those years, but when I retired and when back home to Puerto Rico and talked to people and seen how things were, man did I have a rude awakening, then when we got hit with the hurricanes and seen the after mash and how our US government dropped us flat, all I can think of was damm we are second class citizen in USA, I could go on and on on how I feel on the lies I’ve been told that Puerto Ricans are American Citizens yet npt treated as, it’s time our US government make Puerto Rico the 51st state, it would be a sad day that more Puerto Rican children grow up as second class citizens knowing that we’reonly good enough to serve in the military and die for the good old USA because we’re only second class citizen.

  7. I consider we should become a State because we were given the american citizenship and are ruled by the United States laws. Therefore we should be given the right to be treated iqual and have the right to vote for the president as well.

  8. Statehood is the only reasonable solution for Puerto Rico’s future. We area already US citizens but without rights to vote for the president and our own congress representatives.

  9. Many citizens of the states of our GREAT country do not know the real story of Puerto Rico. I would encourage them to search for the real facts of the history of Puerto Rico. We are born citizens of the United States of America. Our flag is the flag of the United States of America. We Pledge allegiance as any citizen. We pay federal taxes according to the law. We have fought in all of the wars of the United States of America, and we may say that the War of Korea probably was won due to the 65th Infantry Battalion from Puerto Rico. It is time for Puerto Rico to be a state, not only a Commonwealth of the U.S., not only a territory. We have many things to give and share. We have to start a government that really cares for the infrastructure, for the people and for the island.

  10. We are American citizens so let’s take this all the way through and become a state the 51st street with all its benefits and nothing less! Thank you

  11. Thank you, where are the American citizens so let’s take it all the way through and become the 50 First Dates with all the benefits and nothing less. America is our mother country and we love her and we want to be a part of her. Thank you!

  12. I am a retired sgt Sargent of the United States Marine Corps 83 years old and my Father and four other brothers gave their life for this country. In return for our sacrifice I would like to see one more star added to my United States Flag representing the 51st state of Puerto Rico. May God save the this country

  13. We are American citizens and should be treated as such. We want Puerto Rico to be a state of the union. We want to be able to vote, like every state and be a part of this great country. We have fought for this country like any other american has and died for this country.

  14. I want PR to be the 51st state of the USA because we need to feel 💯 percent American!
    I am proud to be American citizen!!!

  15. it is time we become a state, so we can have more help from the united state as a state. It have being many years that we have try this, but this time we have more peoples that are asking for, we will have a lot of benefit from the united state if we become an state. It is time to change/

  16. Throughout the years of common welth and part of US territory, we the citizens of Puerto Rico are very disappointed in the denial of becoming the 51st. State of the United states. Furthermore, after the invasion of Puerto Rico, we have not only served the US mainland through military service but in many other ways as well.
    Since then, we have been discriminated, disqualified from the mainland in general. Our commitment and patriotism speaks for itself.
    We are demanding statehood for Puerto Rico. We believe in the American dream that seems to be persponed year after year. Puerto Rico has spomen! We want statehood now!

  17. Puerto Rico has been a territory of the United States since 1898. Why change things now for the good of the United States
    How can the United States be a champion of democracy around the world when — now that 97% of Puerto Rican voters have said they don’t want to continue as a territory — we are governing millions of people without their consent?
    How can we take pride in our patriotic claims to equality and justice when we have 3.5 million people living as second class citizens in Puerto Rico. How can we continue to think of ourselves as a bastion of human rights when we own an island where people live in poverty, with a shocking rate of violent drug-related crime, and we refuse to give them the chance to improve their situation. What’s more, by keeping Puerto Rico in a powerless position, we keep the island from succeeding. With a voice, Puerto Rico could contribute more to the Union. It is time to change this for the good of Puerto Rico. Other territories that have become states have seen improvements in their positions. Both Hawaii and Alaska, which joined the Union in 1959, were in poverty before they became states. Now, both states have poverty rates and unemployment rates below the national average. With the federal support that is provided to states, Puerto Rico would have a chance to improve the infrastructure in ways that would draw employers to the island — and allow Puerto Ricans to build businesses, too.

    Increased safety and a stronger economy would keep Puerto Ricans from leaving Puerto Rico for the mainland in such large numbers, and would bring people from the mainland to Puerto Rico. This would help with the problem of an aging population which threatens Puerto Rico now. The history of every former territory in the Union shows that statehood is beneficial, bringing less violence, a better economy, and a safer place to live than the state enjoyed as a territory.

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