Residents of the island of Puerto Rico have been American citizens since 1917, but the issue of statehood for the current U.S territory has been in a constant cycle of push and pull between opposing political parties. Over time, the island has developed and organized strong economic, political, social, and cultural relations with the United States, but it’s not a full-fledged state yet. As it currently stands, both parties are in favor of statehood, but with a few conditions on each side.

According to the 2016 Democratic national platform:

Fighting for the People of Puerto Rico

And we are committed to addressing the extraordinary challenges faced by our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico. Many stem from the fundamental question of Puerto Rico’s political status. Democrats believe that the people of Puerto Rico should determine their ultimate political status from permanent options that do not conflict with the Constitution, laws, and policies of the United States. Democrats are committed to promoting economic opportunity and good-paying jobs for the hardworking people of Puerto Rico. We also believe that Puerto Ricans must be treated equally by Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs that benefit families. Puerto Ricans should be able to vote for the people who make their laws, just as they should be treated equally. All American citizens, no matter where they reside, should have the right to vote for the President of the United States. Finally, we believe that federal officials must respect Puerto Rico’s local self-government as laws are implemented and Puerto Rico’s budget and debt are restructured so that it can get on a path towards stability and prosperity.

In essence, the Democratic Party plans to continue improving the economic status of Puerto Rico and wants Puerto Rico to be able to vote in presidential elections, but is ultimately leaving the decision and the effort of attaining statehood to the people of Puerto Rico.

The Republican Party platform  clearly states that they are in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico:

The Territory of Puerto Rico

We support the right of the United States citizens of Puerto Rico to be admitted to the Union as a fully sovereign state. We further recognize the historic significance of the 2012 local referendum in which a 54 percent majority voted to end Puerto Rico’s current status as a U.S. territory, and 61 percent chose statehood over options for sovereign nationhood. We support the federally sponsored political status referendum authorized and funded by an Act of Congress in 2014 to ascertain the aspirations of the people of Puerto Rico. Once the 2012 local vote for statehood is ratified, Congress should approve an enabling act with terms for Puerto Rico’s future admission as the 51st state of the Union.

The specified referendum took place in November of 2012, with 61% of votes for an alternative form of government being for statehood. In 2017, 97% of voters chose statehood. In 2020, 53% said “Yes” to statehood.

There has been a persistent claim that Puerto Rico will vote democratic when it is a state. However, the truth is that Puerto Rico statehood has bilateral support, and Puerto Rico voters support both Democrats and Republicans.

Bottom line, it’s time for statehood. The idea has support on both sides, and the 2020 referendum established once again that Puerto Rico wants statehood. It is time for Congress to take action.

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  1. You could definitely see your expertise in the article you write.
    The world hopes for even more passionate writers like
    you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe.
    All the time follow your heart.

  2. Wait, didn’t Governor Padilla of the anti statehood self described [ “Popular ]
    Democratic Party” convince his sandwich eating buddy Obama to exempt Puerto Rico from Obamacare?

  3. Republican Party Platform has directly stated support for statehood.
    President Ford opposed the commonweath ‘s creation because he knew it was a sham. Ford favored Statehood.
    President Nixon favored Statehood.
    President Ronald Reagan made clear he preferred statehood and promised to personally draft an admissions act and introduce it in congress!
    GH Bush stated his preference for US Statehood.
    GW Bush supported statehood.

    Only one democratic President in History has endorsed statehood. Harry Truman in 1940. He made sure that the 1940 Democrat Platform endorsed statehood for the US territories of Alaska,Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

    Democrats opposed the idea claiming they Hawaii ‘s heavy Asian- Polynesian population were “disloyal” to US,Puerto Ricans were alien Spaniards incapable of democracy. Alaskans lived in icy igloos.
    Democrats wanted all three as Commonwealths. (As we see in the case of Puerto Rico,it was a trap that would have kept them as territories under a false sense of autonomy. Thankfully Alaskan and Hawaiians knew english and saw the farce for what it was.
    Alaska responded with its version of the famed Tennessee Plan.
    Hawaii lucked out when Dems &GOP realized one of each territory was leaning toward the Dems and GOP. Both parties rewarded themselves with a state. (Today things are opposite, Alaska is now GOP snd Hawaii Democrat.
    Puerto Ricans, denied english instruction by the PDP and Gov L M Marin, fell for the lies of the socialist separatist “popular”(populist) Democrats who lied in spanish calling the Commonwealth a “Free Associated State”. (As if a nation in free Association with US)
    The PDP has used the “associated state” myth to create a false belief PR would be “annexed” by statehood. Annexation already happened, IN 1898!!!

    The Democratic platform and all Presidents share THE SAME TALKING POINT;

    Funny, Puerto Ricans in 2012 voted to end the territory by 54% (many statehood supporters feared voting “no” against territory believing Puerto Rico would be left independent.)
    OF those who answered the second question, 61% chose US statehood.
    Nancy Pelosi and Obama had a rubber stamp congress. They rammed Obamacare thru “reconciliation ” wirh less than 51 votes!
    Yet they did nothing to admit Puerto Rico,a SUPPOSEDLY DEMOCRAT STATE. A democrat state of PR = Permanent Dem rule the PR statehood opponents say. Yet Dems did nothing. Why?

    Puerto Rico’s statehood movement has historically been an island Republican Movement. The GOP/New Progressive Party of statehood has nothing to do with progressive liberalism. Its the GOP in PR.

    Go to any statehood rally and you’ll see signs with GOP elephants with “51” within a star

  4. […] If the island were to gain access to statehood, it looks as though it would be a bolster for Democrats, as the island’s history shows that it typically votes to the left. Regardless of this however, both major US political parties and President Donald Trump have have said they favor Puerto Rico deciding its own fate. […]

  5. Puerto Rico voted “Yes” for statehood, but quickly pulled out by voting Fortuño out after his first term and electing the most corrupt politicos. In PR history. Had they left Fortuño for a 2nd term, PR would’ve been the 51st by now. PPD would lose certain “status” if PR becomes a state. So, they have run a fierce campaign of misinformation and scared they pro-statehood vote off.

  6. […] McSally lamented in an interview with NBC News that Democrats may vote to grant statehood to Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia if they win control of both chambers of Congress and the White House this November. Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and most House Democrats do support statehood for D.C., but there is no broad current support for Puerto Rico statehood, largely because residents of the island are divided on the question. Within recent memory, Puerto Rico statehood was backed by both major parties and even included in the Republican platform. […]

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