Donald Trump made a statement on Puerto Rico’s status during his presidential campaign:

“There are 3.7 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.  As citizens, they should be entitled to determine for themselves their political status. I am firmly committed to the process where Puerto Ricans might resolve their status according to Constitutional and Congressional protocols. I believe the people of Puerto Rico deserve a process of status self-determination that gives them a fair and unambiguous choice on this matter.  As president I will do my part to insure that Congress follows the Constitution. The will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through on any desired change in status for Puerto Rico, including statehood.”

In other words, like many in Washington, Trump said that Puerto Rico should get to choose which status the Island should have.

This sounds good, but for a couple of things.

First, Puerto Rico already chose statehood. There is also another referendum coming up, this one funded by the federal government and scheduled for June 2017.

So a statement favoring a process that lets Puerto Rico choose their status, that Congress should follow the Constitution, and that the results of status votes should be considered really just states the obvious.  This statement does not say, “If the people vote again for statehood, as President I will call on Congress to pass a statehood admission act, and sign if it it is passed on terms that serve the U.S. national interest.”

61% of the people who chose a status opted for statehood in the 2012 referendum. This is a clear majority. An additional vote to confirm this result is planned. The president should be ready to demand action on the part of Congress in response to the upcoming plebiscite. Mr. Trump is not known to be a fence-straddling politician so a statement like this one seems out of character.  If he means a majority vote “should be considered” and that the future status options should “include statehood,” does that mean he will be noncomittal about continuing the status quo instead of actively supporting statehood?

President Trump has not made a new statement since the election. Tell Trump that you want a real answer on the question.

photo by Gage Skidmore

This statement was at one time on the Trump campaign website, but it is no longer available online. See a photo of the physical statement given to the press.

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  1. I believe The US is waiting till 75% of Puerto Ricans vote for statehood, they should define what is meant by Commonwealth Status.

    • I believe that it is 2/3 wanting Statehood. Seventy-five percent, of course is better, but Congress wants to see a larger percentage of Puerto Ricans wanting statehood than just half of the population.

      • In the 2016 election, over 85% of D.C.’s voters just overwhelmingly voted for the District of Columbia to become the 51st state. In the past the idea for DC Statehood was not favored by the Republicans, although some Republican Presidents reluctantly gave support to the statehood movement, but never a full endorsement. It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump deals with that one. They have a State Constitution already in place and the majority of the residents there (more people in DC than the states of Vermont and Wyoming) speak English and are American citizens. Puerto Rico may have some competition to become the 51st State. I have read that there are other areas wanting to become the 51st State: Jefferson, South California, Superior, Long Island, Upstate New York, and Guam. More competition for Puerto Rico. I have been to all of those places and feel like I was in the USA in everyone of those areas. I have been to Puerto Rico and I feel like was in, well Puerto Rico, not necessarily the USA.

        • 51st State?? I rather be 1st. Yes a State. A sovereign and independent State. Puerto Ricans don’t be afraid to be free. Independent and sovereignty is the only healthy way. Be who you are, a Puerto Rican!

          • PLEASE!!!! Let’s get real here. We are 70 Billion dollars in debt. WE DID THIS, not the US. WE!!!. We become independent, does that erase the debt? NO!!! We would be starting by owing 70 billion dollars. Answer is to become a State and have the right to have our voices heard in full. Contribute as much as we get. Get real PR. and stop all this nonsense. We yell “Yankee go home” but we mean “Yankee go home but take me with you”. It is time P.R. become a State now.

          • @Gerardod, Not quite accurate, the U.S. has a huge part of the blame, for every U.S. dollar that Puerto Rico gets, Puerto Rico gives 5 to the U.S., basically, they fund much of the American trade while the law of Cabotaje severely restricts their trading, and alot of Puerto Rico made goods are purchased by U.S., paid for with Puertorrican taxpayers money, and sold backdown to Puerto Rico, again, with P.R. tax payers money, the “wellfare” that the U.S. provides to SOME Puerto Ricans is not enough to give 100$ to half the Island, ontop of that, the portion that actually gets stolen by PNP crooks, and not to mention ofcourse the many loans that corrupt politicians used and somehow kept getting approved.

          • In less than a month the free and independent country of Puerto Rico will have a tyrant similar or worse than the Cuban Dictator. History repeats over and over again. Only way to have a free, prosperous and secure PR will be statehood.

          • Are you going to pay Puerto Rico debt? Will you defend Puerto Rico if and when we get invaded by anyone? No!! Puerto Rico needs to become a state before it becomes a third world country

          • I fully agree with you. Puerto Rico has served in War Wold 1 and 2. We fight and die under the American from Vietnam Nam to present. Under the American Flag.. Afganistán brought Black bags from the ROTC AND NATIONAL GUARD TO SEVER. WE HAD BLACK BOW EVEN AT THE FRONT DOORS. I LIVE IT. SAW MY STUDENTS CRY and PRAY FOR THERE FRIENDS. I BELIEVE If THEY FIGHT AND DIE UNDER THE AMERICAN FLAG. COUNTED AS AMERICANS DIE IN ACTION. WHY SHOULD THEY VOTE FOR PRSIDENT. Be a complete State. Look happen to Vieques. STATEHOOD !!! Get benifets that Open Bridges. Not couch potatoes.

          • Independent? You want to starve them? Will be worse then Cuba!!! Not like they have many farms to survive. You are nuts!!

          • Well said, Independence is a democratic right and auto determination of the people of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is an island until this day invaded by the United States and a non incorporated territory. Independence is the only Solución for Puerto Rico Even if not a mayority of the people want it. It is there right and there will and the island must be free.

          • Are you kidding me? Independent Puerto Rico? We will die economically in less than one decade bro! We are lazy and disconnected! Look at our origin man: Taino Indians who lived in tents, Spanish conqueror who were thugs and rejects and black slaves. We need to be part of the USA who are no better than us but somehow used their resources. Lot better – we need to all vote for statehood and get a better future for our decedents instead of keep running to NY and FL anytime we can!

        • It takes more than just visiting Puerto Rico to determine its political ideosincracy. You have to have lived there and contemplate the political compound to be able to see how the poeple of Ouerto Rico really feels and yet even politicians can say one thing or another just to justify their political ideology. If we keep playing the readiness game, either Puerto Rico will stay in the Colonial limbo it has been for over 100 years or you are entrenching the to decide for independence against their own will. As an advocates for Statehood for Puerto Rico, I believe after the June 11th plebiscite , what ever result comes out, the President should express his idea on how to go about and Congress should act according to the people’s respond in such plebiscite.

    • America supports enough welfare cases. Enough is enough. The big push right now for statehood is the result of fear that they can’t support their own massive welfare state. So now they want the US taxpayers to do it. Let’s hope everyone in the US government says no

      • We are US tax payers numb nuts. We are Americans…so we do support ourselves. Welfare is everywhere…I bet in your town/City/suburb we can find it there as well as homeless, crime…etc. My two cents.

  2. Actually, 52% of Puerto Ricans voted to NOT be part of the states… and only 45% voted for statehood, if you count the people who left it blank on the ballot. Let’s be accurate with the facts.

    • We respectfully disagree. Leaving a question blank doesn’t constitute a vote. But if we look at the actual numbers, we see that 959,136 people voted against the current territorial status on the first question (53.99%) and 817,241 voted for it, so the territorial status lost. 824,238 (61.10%) voted for statehood on the second question. There were 480,916 voters who did not answer the second question. Even if we imagine that all the people who left the second question blank were voting for Enhanced Commonwealth (and there is no evidence for this), statehood is still the majority position. If we pretend that the second question was statehood yes or no and add the blank votes, the independence votes, and the associated state votes together to get a majority anti-statehood position — well, that’s not what was on the ballot and not what people voted for. The upcoming federally sponsored referendum might be an up or down statehood vote, and then we’d be able to say with confidence how many voted against statehood. For 2012, all we can really say is that the majority voted for statehood among the possible status options in question 2.

      • How idiotic. Puerto Rico will never be a State. People like you are utter scoundrels with no reasoning. As if the average American gives a damn about PR. They ruin PR, dismiss previous plebiscites, propagate specious arguments, and then they want the one nonbinding, defective, plebiscite, in which they happened to win, to be considered sacrosanct hahaha.

        • That was hurtful.. Puerto Rico are average people, whats the difference with an average American and an average Hispanic? Culture or race? We still have feelings and dreams and hope! Theres a reason why I left that island, because we need America to give us that independence and responsibility for us to run our island, we can’t accept the fact that we are owned and a territory. You don’t care about the children and helpless people? Get a heart, not a brain. It’s better that way

        • The interpretation of past status votes offered in comments by “Jeff” is historically, legally and politically incorrect. The total number of votes cast in the 2012 vote for statehood on the second question was greater than the total number of votes for the current status on the first question. State wins, end of discussion. That was a more clear and definitive democratic vote than Congress relied in admitting several territories as states in the past. In addition, the 54% vote to end the current status on the first question means the governed do not consent to the form of government under which they are living. In case anyone has forgotten, under the Declaration of Independence it is a founding principle of our republic that the just powers of government are derived by consent of the governed. Of the 32 territories that became states, the admissions act passed by Congress typically provided that the territory had to establish a state government “not repugnant to the principles of the Declaration of Independence.” That means our nation still values the principles of government by consent, even if some of us do not. The reference made to past plebiscites presupposes previous votes should be treated as binding, while the most recent vote was not binding. Yet, all previous votes were legally and politically inconclusive because no status option on any prior ballot received a majority vote! That was due to the inclusion on the ballots in earlier votes of a spoiler option that combined features of both statehood and independent nationhood determined by Congress and the federal courts to be unconstitutional. Thus, those votes were rigged to prevent a majority vote on the actual options of statehood with equal U.S. citizenship or nationhood with citizenship only of a new sovereign country of Puerto Rico. The 2012 vote was the first and only vote in Puerto Rico’s history in which voters were offered real choices between real status options. It is simply wrong to argue that historic 2012 vote is meaningless because some who voted on the first question that produced a 54% majority to end the current status did not also vote on the second question that produced a 61% majority for statehood rather than separate nationhood. Under U.S. and international law blank ballots do not count unless the ballot instructions so state pursuant to applicable law. It is anti-democratic and promotes an imperialist and colonialist condition in Puerto Rico for the shrinking anti-statehood faction in Puerto Rico to argue that blank votes should be counted and assigned a meaning when that has not basis in law or fact. That argument is aligned with that anti-democratic position of imperialists and colonialists in the shrinking anti-statehood faction in the U.S. mainland. As correctly noted by PR51ST, the bipartisan leadership in Congress rejected the anti-democratic and anti-statehood propaganda, and recognized locally sponsored 2012 vote as a valid act of self-determination. On that basis Congress in 2014 authorized the first federally sponsored referendum in Puerto Rico to confirm the results of the 2012 vote. That is an historic step forward consistent with the great anti-colonial tradition pursuant to which 32 territories with U.S. citizen populations became states, and one U.S. territory never granted U.S. citizenship and determined by Congress in 1916 not eligible for statehood became the Republic of the Philippines. It never hurts to know ones history before condemning 3.5 million U.S. citizens to an inferior and less than equal status repugnant to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Northwest Ordinance as founding documents of our nation.

        • It amuses me how people who have no clue about Puerto Rico or the beautiful and very educated inhabitants of the island are perseived. Mr Frank,. I’m sure you know a few things and I’m sure you’re educated where it comes to your state or city but don’t judge the people of Puerto Rico and definitely leave out your racist non educated remarks about the island. It’s people like you and your evil existence that are the reason racism is so alive in the united States. Mind your business and speak only what you know and leave what happens in Puerto Rico to the Puerto Ricans

          • So true Dennis! I retired recently from an internationally known company that employs a large number of the residents on the island. When I a came back to the U.S. I bragged about how educated my countrymen are. Yes it is a beautiful country however we are trouble. Ever wonder why so many university and colleges leave the island…lack of opportunity for a better life. Puerto Ricans do not lack education they seek out higher education. Although I think our countrymen would be better off as a state but the decision is ultimately theirs. Let’s forget the romantic notions of our country and look at the current conditions honestly with an open mind and an honest heart.

        • You’re just a racist jerk, with a stupid view of a handful of people, and think the majority are jyst lazy leeches. People like you are not needed on this planet. Keep living in your stupid, racist “White World” you stupid hick.

        • I think the average American DOES care about PR and their people and want to help them! They could have and should have waived the Jones Act right after Maria hit!

      • Trump said basically what historically everybody else in Washington has been saying since we were invaded in 1898: “You have to reach an agreement and solve your financial issues before we can talk about admitting you as the 51st state”. Translated: drop dead, keep dreaming. As simple as that. Or do you really think that if the US wanted PR to become a state they wouldn’t have stuffed that option down our throats already? Stop lying to your followers, your own people, making them think that statehood is really a viable option. Of course we all know that the promise of statehood is really a hook for local consumption during election year but still, it makes you look rather dishonest. Actually very dishonest. Your “give me your vote today, I’ll give you statehood tomorrow” election time chant, sounds rather silly in the 21st century. Haven’t you noticed that nobody pays attention to you in Washington except when they need a couple of dollars? And no, it is not true that the majority of Puerto Ricans favor that option. Have some kind of dignity and self respect and stop begging for something you all know or should know by now is not on the table and never has been. They do not want you as their equal simply because you are not. If you want respect start by respecting yourselves first.

          • True. Puerto Ricans can vote in the presidential primaries, but cannot vote in presidential elections because Puerto Rico is not a state.

          • Its that simple. Why they cannot understand is not in our hands. And yes by History and by Votes the great great majority of Puertoricans do want Statehood indeed. 5M have already upted to move the Continental USA. They gave their vote Clearly. Theyare living in the States. Maybe if we beome the 51st State, they all will want to return Home!!

        • Amen HECTOR…….BEgood citizens.Contribute tax dollars to our economy! Stop draining it.You people have a duty to WORK and support familys.

          • I want to know what do you mean by stop draining it ?? I am Puerto rican living in the state of connecticut and I pay enough taxes. remember that

          • First of all we do not drain the economy. We pay state taxes as well as federal taxes. Do your reasearch and then write.

    • Is beneficial if Perto Rican from the island vote for statehood But with a condition not elect the same people’s or there family’s from the past governors who’s bring down the economy and our Island the way is it right now broke!!!!!!!

        • No hector is wrong. At least aboyt the dribble of, “they don’t want you” crap. Speak for yourself hector. You don’t represent all of us, born in the US who DO wish for PR to become a state finally. I’m not Puerto Rican, btw, but I love your people. You sound like a whiny baby playing victim. Boohoo hector

    • how is not voting be considered a vote? that makes no sense. By that logic a vast majority of Americans voted against Trump, since many didn’t vote at all.

    • You can not count those votes, so you are mistaken and using an invalid assumption of the electoral law. The fact is the actual status was declined by a63% of the votes and the actual status got a 37%, you are starting to sound like the Liberals here i the States. June 11th will tell what will happen, are you ready for it?

  3. 61% of the people who chose a status opted for statehood in the 2012 referendum. But this is NOT a clear majority OF the votes cast.
    Many people deliberately abstained. Tell the truth. Those that voted for statehood DID NOT reflect a,majority if the,votes,cast.

  4. GBU_777

    Thank You PR51st. You are totally right. PPl what are we thinking?

    We Puerto Ricans have to get this right once and for all.
    We have to be hot or cold but “not” in between.
    If you wish to be with God and the Devil at same time definitively you will be puked!

    In our present times Status_Quo has no place in US politics. Neither in Congress. You will be disrespected!
    You will get no were!. For the last 60+ years we have not defined our political status.
    The situation with congress has been good enough to let us burn time and efforts and to get this far.
    Don’t waste time or effort positioning too get puked. It will be over. Looks like sooner than later.
    Spain mishandled us for 400+years.
    There was never significant progress as individuals due to the fact that they didn’t gave us relevant oportunity.
    and finally ? … they didn’t fight for us and gave us away! Yes. Look at the Paris Treaty. We were treated as POSh.
    We are US citizens or independent 100% until we get it right. Dummy. It is up to us and not the Congress.
    The congress is right. Think about it. As a Country the politics are more important that all the wars put together.
    Remember we are are not in the heavens. Expect this to be no better than past history until We decide what to do.
    God Bless us. –

    • We are American born citizens, we Puerto Ricans aren’t any different from someone born in USA if there is a draft we get swept too and another thing all we have to do is buy a plane ticket and move right next door to you.

      • Please do! Come see Michigan, we welcome you with open arms. Btw, funny you should mention it, the house next door IS for sale! Is waiting for you.

  5. Independence with trade agreements and capitalist free market is only way we can actually be successful and not leach off the the US

      • We’re not leaching, the U.S. doesn’t let us buy from other countries only from them at an extremely high price, that’s the only reason why you say were leaching, which means you should get your facts straight before you comment on what obviously you don’t know what your writing about.

        • Bravo Oscar! You hit it straight in the bull’s eye. The U.S. Federal Government does not allow the Puerto Rican government to negotiate on it’s own and also charges a tax on all imports and exports. The U.S. Federal Government is two facing and back stabbing it first and most loyal friend.

    • The U.S. benefited trillions of dollars from the Island since it invaded it. America benefits more from P.R. not vs versa. The numbers are there. Debt relief is a basic human right since biblical times. Trump owes P.R. 24 million dollars for he filed for bankruptcy regarding his gold club there. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Americans on the continent can consolidate their student loans or participate in a an income repayment plan that can wipe out the debt all together. Why should the people have to pay for the incompetency of the government? Wall Street ruined America; Wall Street ruined P.R. I signed petitions to help America’s hospitals. The same thing is happening here at a slower rate but it’s starting to show. Know your facts when it comes to social services vs income tax payers in P.R who contribute to the health care costs of the poor in P.R and pay higher healthcare premiums then citizens on the continent of the U.S.. Why should tax payers get 4.25 and hour when Congress in America can give P.R bankruptcy laws. Let’s talk about the Jones act! America has been making so much money from P.R. by requiring P.R to pay for America’s costly shipping methods and crews. Why can’t half the crew be Natives so they can have jobs too?? Why can’t we use our own shipping vessels?? The laws in place for P.R. by America’s congress does not allow P.R. to prosper…WE WANT COMMON SENSE LEGISLATION THAT IS BINDING MOVING FORWARD.

      • Bravo! You hit it on the bull’s eye; Puerto Rico is paying for the U.S. Shipping industry; an undeniable fact. The U.S. Federal Government is a backstabber to it first and most loyal friend.

      • While PR votes for/against statehood, Americans should also vote upon acceptance or rejection of PR as 51st as well as creating DC as a state. Allow all concerned to vote.

    • Agreed, sovereignty for PR is the best option. Only then PR would be able to establish a healthy relationship with the US through a COFA. (Compact of Free Association). Oh, guess what, PR will also be able to establish many other agreements with many other nations. Being sovereign means that you decide your own destiny. Stop looking at countries like Venezuela or Cuba!! Look at Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad Tobago, Barbados Bahamas, Singapore etc. Most of them are even smaller than PR. This will not happen until PRs stop being so afraid of the words sovereignty and independence. But the reality is, a sovereign Puerto Rico is the only healthy way. Be who you are, a Puerto Rican!

      • I am a Puerto Rican decendant, I will be forever. that will not Change. And I want Statehood for Puerto Rico. That is well desreved after 120 years of Territorial colonial Status.That needs to be changed!

  6. If Puerto Ricans decide not to join the Union then it should go independent, but don’t blame America after the Socialist take over and ruin the Island like they did in Cuba, Venezuela and Peru. I am ok with the Island going idependent but remember like the Philippines and Cuba anyone born after the independence will not be an American Citizen and it is sure a whole lot farther from Puerto Rico to the USA than Cuba. We are blessed to be part of the greatest Nation in the world not perfect but the best. 51st State will guarantee that we remain a free people able to move and live in any State of the Union of our choice. Independence will give us a seat in the most corrupt organization in the world the UN. Puerto Rico will be a voiceless Nation in that Corruptocrat organization. I wish them good Luck with that..

    • Puerto Rico has been a socialistic state for very long already: Look at all those public corporations (AEE, Autoridad de Acueductos)!

      For Puerto Rico to afford a serious chance in statehood the perception of it being a “Welfare Island” by the average anglo republican-conservative voter should change otherwise their politicians aren’t going to move a finger regarding any status change for total union incorporation.

      • They should leave Puerto Rico along. They been a free state for a Long Time! The President Should Respect there Values! You have to show & Give respect to reciieve respect Back.

        • Yeah after used me and abused me for a long time ! you can show me respect with “STATEHOOD” equal responsabilities and equal priviligies/beneficits ! after 119 years of territorial status, 100 years of U.S. Citizenship ! and figthing all the wars since ” WW1″ It is time for ” THE ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO ” JOIN UNION !

  7. I’m all for Puerto Rican statehood. But as long as there is a Republican majority in Congress, Puerto Rico has no chance to be a state, regardless of what percentage vote for statehood. Trump has already got his followers in a full paranoid lather about Mexicans. The subtext of his statement echoes what he’s been saying on the campaign trail: “Make America Great (White) Again.” The last thing in the world the GOP wants are more brown-skinned Democrat voters to further dilute their xenophobic redneck base.

    • Brian, you’re statement is completely offensive, clueless, and entirely wrong. It was the GOP who freed the slaves. It was the GOP that fought for civil rights in the 60s. It was the Democrats who always have and always will keep the fear and hatred between races. Trump only wants people to immigrate into the US legally, and since Puerto Ricans are already citizens, this obviously doesn’t pertain to anyone coming from Puerto Rico. Would Puerto Rico becoming a state increase the people voting Democrat, maybe, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is the current status does not allow Puerto Ricans a voice in the US government, and Statehood would change that. Stop spreading lies about the GOP, we are the party of freedom for EVERYONE!

      • @RoosterQ your statements are disingenuous at best, at the time all those things occurred, the Republicans were the Liberals, and the Democrats were the conservatives. The opposite is true now of the respective party bases. The big problem is that the Democratic leadership is as conservative as the Republicans of 50 years ago, which leaves America without a liberal or progressive voice in the government. With the regressive trade agreements in place, forced on PR, they can neither afford independence or to become a state successfully. The US sponsored socialist government there is keeping PR bankrupt to serve its own interests, not the interests of its people.

  8. I prefer independence over statehood. I don’t live on the Island however so I respect what the Natives would like. What are the consequences of becoming a state and why do so many reject the Idea? What are the benefits or consequences of standing alone from the U.S. all together. There are many small countries that protect themselves and have allies. I would rather P.R. be an ally of the U.S. Our militant men are very vital to the U.S. military proven through out history. I welcome clarification as I research further.

  9. Puerto Ricans agreeing that Puerto Rico should become the 51st state of the United States equates to being called an donkey; treating you as a donkey, and you are in agreement; it’s called the Stockholm Syndrome.

  10. This shouldn’t have to be an issue. Puerto Ricans has been citizens of United States for generations. Our people has fought an d died for this country, don’t let their sacrifice be in vain. It is time for us to be recognized. We need a vote and we need a voice in congress. Those who think we will lose our identity; True Puerto Ricans carry our culture in our blood, essence, in our everyday life. If a 100 plus years of colonization hasn’t change that, Nothing will. We are and always be Puerto Ricans!

  11. Independence is the way to go for Puerto Rico, it was wall Street that put us in debt in the first place. I’d prefer independent with the ally clause, but we should be able to do business ourselves. Puerto Rican, u shouldn’t be scared to grow an build a solid nation, while protecting your culture.

    • Agree! A sovereign and independent PR is the only healthy way for our culture, language and land to be protected. PRs grow up and don’t be scare to build your nation, you have the right to do so. Stop the dependency mentality that all of our answers lie in the US. I believe we can, but you need to believe it also. Be who you are, a Puerto Rican!

  12. Puerto Ricans are not aliens, nor Mexicans we are American Citizens, not made but born Americans. What part of this, is it that you do not understand? It is so ridiculous to listen to those ignorant people talking so much stupidity about us. And to Maria, if you don’t live in the island then let the people who live here decide what they want.

  13. With two senators and five representatives Puerto Rico will be a very strong state where we can be part of a caucus and enjoy full benefits.

  14. I don’t think it is in the best interest of our people to become 51st state, let’s be honest ok-America does not, and NEVER will consider Puerto Ricans Americans. If you have not been subject to racism and injustice on the mainland regardless the color of your skin (white, brown or black Puerto Rican) you are one of the few ok. America has committed heinous injustices against the Puerto Rican people and has not once acknowledged their wrongs. Americans do not understand what it is like to be a Puerto Rican ok. We will NEVER be considered equal, or have civil rights unbiased transparency to defend us against infinite injustices in schools universities the work place etc. I don’t hate America, I don’t trust them, that trust has been forever tainted. I think Puerto Ricans need to identify with their culture, and regain what was abruptly taken from them from European Spain and American colonialism. It is prudent to keep amicable standards with both countries, but more prudent for our people to break the yoke imposed without our will and learn how to embrace who we really are..not quite Americans, not quite European white, not fully African American Jew Palestinian Irish or whatever other pedigree runs through our “ethnic cleansing” process. We as Puerto Rican identify as either BORICUA or Puerto Rican-not even Latin or Hispanic. It is poignant to actually have fallen inlove with a country that has caused us so much suffering in their rejection of who we are, and their injustices. I am sorry, but i truly believe Puerto Ricans must become independent, not state.

    • Lol ok mimi, you don’t speak for ” Americans.” you sound like a corner shop soothsayer, resting the minds of all those evil white folks. More of us than you believe would love to see Puerto Ricans get either statehood or independence. But you would just complain and be a “victim” regardless. Pathet…. not worth the time.


  16. I have a dream; a dream that one day, everyone identify their roots and restore their ancestors land, to provide for their children, for their schools, and medical programs, and that a new organization comes together in a powerful integration to heal the world, Puerto Rico will fly leaving the nest of the United States, let the Eagle of the United States push the island off the branch 😉

  17. There’s no way Trump ever said anything that sounded even remotely as intellingent and well thought out as the statement in this article.

    • No that could only come from a savsnt such as yourself. How are your real estate and other businesses doing, by the way? Oh, better than Trump’s? Well that’s all the evidence i need.

  18. Statehooders need to stop dreaming, no one in the other 50 states wants to admit a Spanish speaking, Hispanic island with an entirely different culture, that is in debt. The white Anglos don’t want it for cutural reasons, the black Americans don’t want it because it cuts into their political power.. Latinos in the states want it to continue to be part of Latin America, especially stateside Puerto Ricans who overwelmingly don’t want statehood. What planet are you on. Trump won the election on Anglo-American nationalism why would you ever think that Congress would vote in a state that would have 2 Latino Senators and 4 latino congressman? The congressional black Caucus would vote no. The white nationalists would vote no. Every Republican would vote no. Get with reality. If you want to vote for president, MOVE. simple solution. Statehooders are just beggars who want federal funds for more welfare programs and so they can hire their friends for patronage jobs. Stop looking for a handout.

    • Orlando…I never knew that the Congressional Black Caucus had so much voting such authority.! By white Nationalists do you mean Democrats, Libertarians AND Republicans? Your last two sentences are insulting to our people. Please keep the insults down, and deal with the facts. Let the people decide their own destiny on what their heads and hearts tell them what is best in THEIR interests.

    • The most idiotic comment ever. Yet again, the stereotypical accusation that “all” Puerto Ricans are leeches, lazy, don’t work, and love living off the measley government. Typical idiotic nonsense. I’ve never been on welfare in my life and have worked for everything I have. If you come to the island you’ll find most ate professionals, doctors, lawyers, eyc. And the majority of the youth are all college students or striving for a better education like every typical White American. It really sickens me when you hear comments like this coming from narrow minded idiots. Who don’t know what they are talking about. Agai, with the debt on yhe island, and 184 schools beimg closed. It is just that, out trustworthy government not giving a damn and trying to dumb down the population to make them seem like stupid, farm immigrants. Bastards.

  19. I have been spending a little reasearch and study time on Puerto Rico because I am considering investing in property there. I believe- in the long term -their real estate market will reflect it’s true worth. The natural beauty of the island combined my personal–albeit limited relationships with P. R. citizens – were very positive– the individuals I’ve met were impressive, hard working and successful people. Add the current buyers market into the equation…….you can see why I’m looking. I’ve been reading these passionate comments. Both sides arguments seem valid. SO….. if you gave me a penny for my thoughts — you’d have change coming. Haha -I’m obviously not qualified to talk intelligently about their politics, however, I will say -as a general rule–people cannot serve two masters indefinitely. My meaning is this — become a state or become independent. I’m quite sure Puerto Rican’s can and will succeed at either. Until they decide which path to take though– they are not capable of choosing their own destination. Hopefully a compromise that unites all — will soon come about.

  20. I have been spending a little reasearch and study time on Puerto Rico because I am considering investing in property there. I believe- in the long term -their real estate market will reflect it’s true worth. The natural beauty of the island combined my personal–albeit limited relationships with P. R. citizens – were very positive– the individuals I’ve met were impressive, hard working and successful people. Add the current buyers market into the equation…….you can see why I’m looking. I’ve been reading these passionate comments. Both sides arguments seem valid. SO….. if you gave me a penny for my thoughts — you’d have change coming. Haha -I’m obviously not qualified to talk intelligently about their politics, however, I will say -as a general rule–people cannot serve two masters indefinitely. My meaning is this — become a state or become independent. I’m quite sure Puerto Rican’s can and will succeed at either. Until they decide which path to take though– they are not capable of choosing their own destination. There is no future in the past and wether your argument is dead right or dead wrong– it’s still dead. The good news is all of you want what is best for P. R. Every healthy entity on earth grows through change and the ability to reason is what separates humans from other forms of life. Perhaps new ideas can indoctrinate grow and prosper within the minds of your youth. I think therefore I am—- if you think you can or can’t — your right! Hopefully a compromise that unites all — and insures the best possible future for P. R. Will soon come about.

  21. It is clear to me the the anti American movement in Puerto Rico is desperate to delay, boicot this process. This few and impressive minority has a very strong falce identity among themself thinking this topic that has been debating for 100 years will gain the support for their selfish desire and do not have their thoughts of their people present and Future common good for their community. This electoral process has been financed by the US Congress for the first time. One last chance… no more opportunity will come along. Vote for any status of your preference but don’t waist it.


  23. Puerto Rico as a State of the US. would be the best for them. They will have all the benefits that we all Americans enjoy, and will not have to struggle all the financial adversities they face. The US., will also benefit of it. Let us pray to our Almighty God, who has dominion over all the earth, to allow Puerto Ricans to finally be blessed.

  24. The Trump “we don’t give a ratz ass” response from President Trump is heinous. When the heck can we get him out of office? He is not a president. He is a horrible dictator. Horrible. Horrible

  25. “Puerto Rico already chose statehood.”
    “Another referendum is on its way.”
    “Puerto Ricans should be able to choose its status.”
    That referendum already came; over 80% of the voters voted ‘statehood’. And STILL… Congress hasn’t done a thing to make Puerto Rico a state. This reminds me of Utah, been repeatedly been declined of statehood. Except Utah had politics that were a serious problem for the U.S.; Puerto Rico’s politics are perfectly acceptable to the U.S.. So THIS NEW decline of statehood for Puerto Rico just comes to show Congress doesn’t want Puerto Rico to become a state, regardless to either the votes, the system, or the American way.

  26. Statehood for pro statehooders is all about money. They can even pass the Citizenship test if you give them the test. They don’t care about history of the nation. They are not in it for the values of the American people. They are simply after the equality of funds. They don’t celebrate the patriotic holidays. The majority of the pro statehooders doesn’t speak English. The plebiscite participation was 23% of the voters. The pro statehood party lost 331k votes in that plebiscite and the party in the general elections won with 42.3% of the votes. The pro statehood party and the statehood ideal is deflated and deflating by the hour. Americans are proud citizens of their history and its marvellous democracy and principles. Puerto Ricans are also proud and adore our nation. We know that we are capable of constructing a great nation were we all be greatful and friends of America but the majority of us doesn’t believe that we could reach equality by constructing a state with our hand in your pockets and that is what pro statehooders are selling to us. We can build our country back again with the force of our industries and the intelligence that God bestowed upon us. We believe in your freedom, we are moved by the great feats of your founding fathers; we long for that freedom to construct our equality amongst us the equality that these colonial governments hasn’t, by far, not achieved. We want liberty not money from your pockets.

  27. Why are you simultaneously crapping on DC’s movement for Statehood. Maryland and us don’t want each other. We all want independence and home rule, like you!

    DC and PR should work together. Hit me up if you want to!

  28. –Trump discriminates against fellow US Citizens-US Veterans in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, and Others!–
    Since 1898, the US Federal Government undemocratically controls the US Territory of Puerto Rico (PR)-(with more US Citizens than 21 States)– that have NO Federal “consent of the governed”, as Patriots demand Equal Civil Rights-Fairness; revocation of unjust Laws; a Non-Territorial/Non-Colonial Status!

    FACTS: Today, millions of 2d class US Citizens-US Veterans in Puerto Rico (PR) (part of “We the People”) have: NO Vote for US President; NO just Representation in US Congress; NO Parity in Federal Laws, Programs, or Funding (like in Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, Veterans, Infrastructure, Education, Emergency, etc.) ; NO permanent statutory US Citizenship (even if moving to a State)…!

    As US President TRUMP was biased and treated Puerto Ricans differently than other US Citizens-US Veterans residing in the States…; supports the Federal undemocratic control of Puerto Rico; is AGAINST equal US Citizenship-Rights or Statehood for Puerto Rico or a Plebiscite to End Federal undemocratic control of Puerto Ricans…for no good closet racist reasons…

    TRUMP–INSULTS, SMEARS, GENERALIZES or STEREOTYPES Puerto Ricans, by calling them (US Territory of Puerto Rico)— quote- “one of the most corrupt places on earth”; plus, says other discriminatory things as an excuse to UNFAIRLY and unlawfully with-hold needed Disaster and other approved Federal Funds (that already come with Federal oversight measures)! Remember, corruption is an individual, not group, crime to be processed in our Justice System with due process…

    Plus—TRUMP—a “Trumpist” for himself first (see Videos-the Evidence), HAS:
    • Slashed or taken away NEEDED MEDICAID, HUD (Housing), Military-PR National Guard ($480 Million for the Wall) family and construction preparedness funds; other Federal Funds that FAIRLY correspond or are owed to Puerto Ricans… Besides, the only Case for Disaster Federal Funds corruption is from a TRUMP FEMA Employee! (Checked Fact)
    • Not treated Puerto Ricans EQUALLY during devastating Earthquakes (6.4; over 2,000 tremors); says that Puerto Rico has received enough corresponding Federal Funds when this is not true!
    • Signaled he will Veto a House bill that would provide more than $4.7 billion for education, transportation, infrastructure repairs, and disaster relief measures.
    • During the Pandemic, only mentions the States, never the US Territory of Puerto Rico that has MORE US Citizens-American Veterans than 22 States! THE LIST GOES ON!
    A highlight of the multitude of efforts the Trump administration has taken over the past several years to deliberately marginalize and harm Puerto Rico and prevent the island from having any chance of rebuilding its economy or infrastructure. (Federico de Jesús)
    The following harms are listed in no particular order.
    • In February 2020, President Donald Trump threatened to veto a $4.7 billion emergency aid package intended to help Puerto Rico recover from a series of damaging earthquakes.
    • When a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Puerto Rico in January 2020*, President Trump remained publicly silent about the emergency, even though he often publicly comments on natural disasters.
    • In December 2019, President Trump personally intervened in budget talks to cut Medicaid funding to Puerto Rico by half.
    • The Trump administration imposed severe restrictions on billions of dollars in emergency relief to Puerto Rico.
    • Amid protests against the former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló of Puerto Rico, President Trump stated, in reference to himself, that he is “the best thing to happen to Puerto Rico.”
    • President Trump tweeted in August 2019: “Puerto Rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth.”
    • In October 2018, President Trump falsely accused Puerto Rican politicians of using disaster relief funding to pay off the island’s debt. (When the only corruption was a FAMA Employee and other convicted Staff…
    • In 2017, during his visit to Puerto Rico after Category 5 Hurricane María, President Trump carelessly tossed paper towels to crowds.
    • On January 31, 2018, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that it would stop distributing essential aid in Puerto Rico, reversing its decision only after widespread criticism.
    • Under the Trump administration, FEMA awarded a $156 million contract for the distribution of 30 million meals for the island following Hurricane María; however, only 50,000 meals were delivered.
    • President Trump falsely claimed that “Congress had approved 92 Billion Dollars for Puerto Rico,” when, in reality, Congress has so far appropriated only about $44 billion for Puerto Rico hurricane relief and reconstruction.
    • In a statement issued by the Office of Management and Budget, the Trump administration wrongfully claimed that $600 million in additional disaster Nutritional Assistance Program funding that Congress allocated for Puerto Rico in fiscal year 2019 was “excessive” and “unnecessary.” After pressure from advocates, the administration relented—but only after months of delays for disaster bills that affected multiple U.S. states and Puerto Rico. The delay caused temporary cuts to more than 670,000 hunger-vulnerable beneficiaries.
    • Thus far in 2020, President Trump has proposed cutting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Superfund budget by more than $100 million. These cuts would adversely affect Puerto Rico, which currently has 25 Superfund sites that were affected by flooding and other damages in the wake of Hurricane María.
    • Despite the decrease of mercury emissions by nearly 11 percent from 2011 to 2017, the Trump administration has weakened limits on the amount of mercury and other toxic emissions that are allowed from power plants. The move will exacerbate existing pollution and clean air issues for Puerto Rico as the island recovers from natural disasters.
    • In September 2018, President Trump falsely suggested that his political opponents artificially inflated the Hurricane María death toll “in order to make me look as bad as possible.”
    • In the past three years, the Trump administration has attempted to eliminate at least 95 environmental rules and regulations which directly affect Puerto Rico.
    • In April 2019, the president falsely complained that Puerto Rico received “far more money than Texas & Florida combined” for disaster relief.
    • The Trump administration is attempting to eliminate the “cumulative impact” requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This would directly affect Puerto Rico’s economy, which heavily relies on agriculture and tourism. These two sectors are heavily dependent on climate and weather conditions.
    • The Trump administration contributed to an estimated 2,975 deaths after Hurricane María because of its slow response and failure to provide Puerto Rico with adequate resources or properly trained emergency personnel to match the severity of the situation on the ground.
    RINO TRUMP is against Federal consent of the governed- Equal US Citizenship, Fairness for Hispanics-Puerto Ricans (against STATEHOOD or a democratic Plebiscite…)—our founding principles; the good values of the Republican Party…; a Representative Democracy…– as Trump has belittled members of his own Administration (who have testified against him), to include a Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense, Military Joint Chief of Staff (who Trump called a Traitor…), National Security Advisor, US Attorney General, and many others Cabinet and non-Cabinet Members…

    RINO (Republican in Name Only) Trump is a divider;” unscrupulous “Charlatan”; that knows no decent bounds of Public Service; has been convicted…; is below the dignity of the Presidency as he should be thrown-out of the Republican Party; not be considered for the Presidency of our USA!

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