The former Governor of Puerto Rico here explains what “enhanced commonwealth” would be.

This is not a game show contestant trying to bluff his way through a question or an unprepared student being called on in class. This is the Governor of Puerto Rico, the head of the Island’s government, the leader of the party that favors Commonwealth, well prepared and with a number of documents at hand, answering a question in a Senate committee hearing — a question that he must have known would be asked.

In 10.5 minutes, with repeated help and prompting from the Senate members at the hearing, the governor was unable to describe what he meant by “enhanced commonwealth.”

How can people be expected to vote for something that cannot be defined? How can a proposal be approved if it cannot be clearly explained?

Following this hearing, a letter was sent to the governor from the Senators, then Chairman Ron Wyden and then Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski, saying clearly that “enhanced commonwealth” is “not a viable option” and warning that it could not be included on the ballot.

Watch the video above to hear for yourself the definition of “enhanced commonwealth” offered by an influential supporter of the idea, and see for yourself whether it sounds like a viable option.



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  1. The video that I just watched kinda gives me the impression that the current govt in Puerto Rico want’s there voice’s heard but want’s there Commonwealth Status not removed but somehow upgraded to this “Enhanced” version where they get voting rights. You can’t have the best of both world’s. Either you Choose the Common wealth Status or Statehood. Statehood is the most promising option for Puerto Rico. They have already become America Citizens and they Deserve a voice in the United States Govt. Commonwealth will not do that for you. This fancy “Enhanced Commonwealth” is basically stopping short of full Statehood it sounds like. The people of Mainland America are wanting to welcome a 51st State and we would be glad if it would Puerto Rico. Also with this current Debt issue the island is Facing Statehood could provide much needed assistance.

    • you cant have the the best of both worlds… so many puerto ricans have died in wars for america. were is there world now.. why not? i say you can have the best of both worlds. your cake eat it too.

  2. In other words Medicare and Title 2 Benefits would be afforded to the termed “Enhanced Commonwealth” or just adding voting rights would would be pointless, as people could just reside elsewhere in the 50 states.

  3. Perfect example of why stuff does not get done in Puerto Rico! Instead of answering the question and getting down to solutions, time is spent with all this blah blah rhetoric. Smh. Puerto Rico needs courageous leaders who are about improving the lives of its’ people by providing jobs and cutting down fraud and enforcing the laws, improving infrastructure and technology, managing resources with integrity, wisdom, and prudence, and placing importance on the education of the next generations! We don’t need leaders who are more concerned with their political parties and self image. Statehood should not have to be required to accomplish these things! But obviously what we have and have had is not working! We need to get out of this colonial and “poor mans” mentality!

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