Update: the hearing described below has been postponed. We will update this as new information becomes available.

The House Natural Resources Committee will hold a hearing on Puerto Rico’s status on September 25th, at noon Eastern time. The hearing, “Puerto Rico’s Options for a Non-Territory Status and What Should Happen After November’s Plebiscite,” will include four candidates for Governor of  Puerto Rico.

The hearing will be livestreamed. We hope you will join us on Twitter to discuss the hearing as it takes place. We will bring you the information about the hearing after it is completed, as well.

The candidates:

  • Former Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi, of the New Progressive Party (PNP), the statehood party
  • Isabela mayor, Charlie Delgado Altieri, of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), the “commonwealth” party
  • Alexandra Lúgaro, of the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), which does not publicly support a particular status option
  • Senator Juan Dalmau, of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP)

Rep. Grijalva, chair of the committee, said, “With the inclusion of four candidates, it cannot be said that we are giving an advantage to some over others.”

There are two more candidates in the race: César Vázquez, of the Dignidad Party, and Eliezer Molina, running as an independent candidate. They were not invited to the hearing.

El Nuevo Dia reports that there will be other witnesses:

  • Professors of Law Annette Martínez Orabona, Rafael Cox Alomar, Christina Ponsa Kraus and Efrén Rivera Ramos
  • Annabel Guillén, from the pro-statehood group Igualdad Futuro Seguro

The last hearing on the subject of Puerto Rico’s status took place in 2013.



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