Everyone in the United States should be aware of and concerned about the status of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been a possession of the United States for more than 120 years, and the unequal treatment of that possession should be something we all want to change. But until recently stateside Puerto Ricans lived in some parts of the country in much larger numbers than others.

In fact, a couple of decades ago, 90% of stateside Puerto Ricans lived somewhere on the map shown above.

Things have changed

After Hurricane Maria, movement from Puerto Rico to the states increased –and one third of those who moved in 2018 chose Florida as their destination. Florida now is the state with the largest Puerto Rican population — more than one million. More than New York.

More than half the people who moved from Puerto Rico to a state in 2018 moved to a southern state. Florida was the most popular destination, but Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina saw plenty of newcomers from Puerto Rico, too.

Florida currently has 16 cosponsors for HR 1522. Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, and Virginia also have cosponsors. We thank the representatives from the South who are standing up for Puerto Rico, and for what is right.

Puerto Rico needs support from the states

Once Puerto Rico becomes a state, she will have two senators and four or five representatives in Congress.

Until then, Puerto Rico needs support from right-thinking representatives of the current 50 states. Congress will decide whether HR 1522 becomes a law and whether Puerto Rico becomes a state.

If you live in a state, ask your representatives to become cosponsors of HR 1522. Ask them to be on the right side of history.




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