HR 6246, the Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018, has been introduced in Congress and is now available to read at the website. You can also download it at the bottom of this post.

There are 37 co-sponsors as of this writing, including 22 republicans and 15 Democrats.

The bill has gone to the House Natural Resources committee.

The chair of this committee is Rob Bishop, a statehood supporter who has committed to taking action on the bill. Once the committee is finished, the bill will go back to Congress. The members of Congress will vote on whether or not Puerto Rico will become a state.

Congress is the decision maker here. Puerto Rico has already voted for statehood and formally requested statehood. It is now in the hands of Congress.

But Congress is the voice of the American people.  Congressmen and women will take into account what their constituents say.

Statehood for Puerto Rico is closer than ever before. Now we must use our voices to tell Congress that statehood for Puerto Rico is right, just, and long overdue.

Contact your legislators.

Ask friends and family living in the states to contact their legislators, too. Help them understand why statehood matters so much.

Read the full text of the bill.



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  1. Please do everything possible to push this through. I know from having lived there that the island is home good living hard working people who have suffered through years of hardship and deserve more help than the rest of us have given them!

  2. Yes all off this and we as Puertorican we had fight all the conflict against others nations for USA 🇺🇸

  3. I am a Combat Veteran that prodly has been willing to do the ultimate sacrifice for this Great Nation, defending it’s principles and ideals. I am at this time a resident of Puerto Rico that cannot vote for the President in General Elections. Unaceptable!! Statehood for Puerto Rico now!!!

  4. This message goes to Mr. Rob Bishop, I don’t understand what is taking so long for the vote on HR 6246. Mr. chairman I believe that there is no other bill more important than 6246., we have been more than patient to see this voted on you Mr. chairman cosponsor of this bill has the power to make this happen this bill has a strong bipartisan support., I’ve written to my congressman Mr. Curbelo whom is also a cosponsor please I’m asking you to vote on this bill today so that the process and any legal changes that need to get modified could get started by the task force. Mr. chairman we’ve been more than patient it’s up to you to make this vote happen today. Thank you for all your hard work and service to this Great Nation Happy Holidays.

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