Bills introduced into Congress often begin with a set of “findings” that explain the reason for the law. HR 6246, the Puerto Rico Admissions Act, is no exception.

Here are the 15 reasons the bill gives for Puerto Rico statehood:

  1. Puerto Rico was given to the United States by Spain in the Treaty of Paris, which ended the Spanish-American War in 1898. In that Treaty, Article IX says that the “political status and civil rights of the inhabitants shall be determined by Congress.” It is the responsibility of Congress to settle Puerto Rico’s political status.
  2. Puerto Ricans are citizens of the United States. Congress made this happen in 1917.
  3. In the Insular Cases, the Supreme Court determined that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t apply equally to Puerto Rico.
  4. Congress approved Puerto Rico’s Constitution in 1952. Historically, this has been a step toward statehood for territories of the Unites States.
  5. While the constitution as approved was like a state constitution, Congress made it clear that they were keeping plenary power over Puerto Rico as described in the Territorial Clause.
  6. The policies of Congress have disenfranchised the people of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico can’t vote for president or vice president, has no senators, and has just one non-voting congressional representative.
  7. U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico are not treated equally with those living in the 50 states. There are at least 40 federal laws which treat Puerto Rico’s residents unequally.
  8. These inequalities have contributed to an economic crisis in Puerto Rico which has led to large numbers of people from Puerto Rico leaving the Island.
  9. After 120 years, Puerto Rico is the largest, the oldest, and the most populous colony in the world. Congress has failed to respond to Puerto Rico’s demands for equality and for statehood.
  10. The United States has allowed all previous territories to become states.
  11. In 2012, the voters of Puerto Rico rejected the current territorial status and chose statehood from the viable options for political status.
  12. In 2017, voters again chose statehood from the viable options.
  13. Puerto Ricans have served the United States faithfully in war and in peace. More than 250,000 have served in the U.S. military. Puerto Rico has earned the right to be heard.
  14. Last year was the 100th anniversary of Puerto Rico’s U.S. citizenship. Yet Puerto Rico continues to experience second class citizenship.
  15. Equality within the nation is essential for Puerto Rico’s economic and social well-being, and for the health of the American economy.

Clearly, it is time for Puerto Rico to be admitted into the Union.



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  1. Yes.Puerto Rico February ya de Ser estado 51 porque nos pertenece. Puerto Rico must be state 51.thank you

  2. It will not happen because the majority of Puerto Rico or all of it is Democrat. It is the biggest mistake Puerto Ricans are making by supporting Democrats. I am Puerto Rican born and educated in he United States.

    Stop supporting South Americans and Dominicans ! Trust Me I live in the States. They don’t like you or your culture. They despise you behind their smiles and generosities.

    President Trump is a Republican President and I am on Board with all the policies. You are American. You have rights in this country and yet this culture chooses to remain backwards.

    I predict that the Dominicans will take over your island and overfill it with corruption, drugs and ruin our beautiful cutlure. During the illegal border crossing that took place several weeks ago a father and his pregnant daughter came thru carrying his third child. Is this what you are supporting as a Democrat ? Are you supporting MS-13 from South America or the Trinitarios gang from the Dominican Republic that is now in New York ?

    If all of you embraced a conservative and Republican stand, the island would succeed in becoming a state. At this time all of you are voting Democrats. Alexandra Cortez-Ocasio is Puerto Rican and the congressman Guitterez from Chicago both calling for Ice abolishment which is a joke. They are both Puerto Rican and I am so embarrassed by their stand on supporting illegals. They are breaking the law. The don’t like Puerto Ricans or our culture but yet all of you roll out the Red Carpet. Dominicans in the states speak bad about Puerto Rican people and they rob their identities telling cops they are from Puerto Rico. So Americans think the island is a wasteland of garbage that will never become a state. You can try.

    By the way the comment up above that we deserve this status is not true. You earn that status and if the President decides that this will impact his election it will not be supported as a state or yet will let you go. If you achieve independence and not statehood, people from the Dominican Republic and South America will flood the island with corruption, prostitution, drugs and their culture.

    We have been Americans for such a long time and yet there is no improvement in our status as a culture. Education is available for all Americans and that means YOU! South Americans and the Dominicans are jealous of this status so they work hard to rise to the top. Than they can look at you “Puerto Ricans with disgust and hate”. True.

    Wake up people of Puerto Rico !

  3. We are American citizens but we haven’t given the United States any reason as to why the island would serve a purpose as a State. Puerto Ricans are Democrats and don’t know anything about Republicans. I don’t think Puerto Rico will become a state but it might be sold to the highest bidder. Maybe it will be given independence but that’s a stretch considering the damage on the island. It doesn’t help that they also support illegal immigration on their island so that might not go well with our sitting president. Illegal immigration and corruption has been ignored for a long time and the island is overrun by Dominicans. It’s a valiant effort from our current governor on the island and we wish him luck.

  4. Our Puerto Rican people has been fighting along Americans in all the wars we have said present. We earned our citizenship it wasn’t just given to us. We are proud American citizens it will be an honor to be the 51st star on that flag. Puerto Rico needs to become a state so things can change and create a better future for our people for our future. Ask any Marine any Air Force veteran any army veteran and any navy veteran if Puerto Ricans don’t fight with courage and honor for this country. I know for a fact they will tell you we are Gladiator for the better good.

  5. Me, a citizen of PR ask the US to declare the statehood for PR as soon as possible because we have American citizenship and we are without a state and without equality as other states have .Please, we want statehood 51 now.

  6. Los ciudadanos de PR pedimos la estadidad para PR. Somos ciudadanos americanos sin Estado y sin igualdad. Por favor, queremos ser el Estado 51. Gracias.

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