Like most nonprofit organizations, PR51st has a Facebook account. We enjoy reading lively conversations about statehood for Puerto Rico there, and we do our best to share plenty of information with our visitors.

Like most nonprofits, we sometimes “boost” a post — that is, we pay Facebook to share the post with new people we think might like to know more about the political status of Puerto Rico. That’s how we learned that Facebook is now being stricter about political and “hot-button issue” ads. In particular, organizations paying to promote posts about any “issue of national importance” have to be honest about where they live and who is paying for the posts.

Facebook flagged one of our promotions as a “social issue” post and asked us to prove that we are who we say we are.

Hot-button issue

Is statehood for Puerto Rico a hot-button issue or an “issue of national importance”? It certainly is for us. We’re glad to hear that more people across the nation are beginning to recognize the importance of the political status of the island home of 3.2 million American citizens.

We’re glad that 2020 presidential candidates are talking about Puerto Rico, and that voters and journalists alike are demanding that candidates make their views known. We do not and will not support any candidate. That’s not our job. Our job is to help people across the nation understand the truth about Puerto Rico statehood.

It’s a complicated issue.

Research shows that people who understand the facts on statehood for Puerto Rico are more likely to support statehood. We are determined to help U.S. voters learn the facts they need to make their own decisions.

That’s why we support Facebook’s new policies. Propaganda from other countries has already affected voters in the United States. We all need to behave responsibly on social media, and Facebook is doing its part to make sure that happens.

We appreciate these efforts.



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