The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) sent a statement to Congress and to the Biden Administration, demanding resolution of Puerto Rico’s status through statehood.

In an up or down vote on statehood in November, 53% of Puerto Rico voters chose statehood. This is the third referendum in the past eight years to result in a vote for statehood. In the 2012 referendum, the majority of voters rejected the status quo. Independence has never received ed more than 5% of the vote. It is clear that statehood is the preferred status option for Puerto Rico.

Elsie Valdes-Ramos, National VP of the Women’s Commission of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said,  “The people of Puerto Rico have earned the right to statehood, both through the electoral process and the decades of contributions and loyalty to the United States. We have done so in every sense of the word, up to and including serving in the armed forces and paying the highest price on behalf of our nation, the loss of our lives. We must no longer be denied and I trust that this administration understands how important it is that Puerto Rico not be left behind.”

LULAC Nation President Domingo Garcia said, “LULAC strongly supports the wishes of the people of Puerto Rico.” Garcia pointed out that Puerto Rico, without full participation in Congress and the presidential vote, faces inequality. In facts, as a territory, Puerto Rico can legally be treated differently from states. “Full recovery of Puerto Rico can only happen when it too has both the voice and the vote at the ballot box to be heard. The time is now,” he said.


The League of United Latin American Citizens is the oldest and the largest Hispanic organization in the United States. With 132,000 members in the states and Puerto Rico, LULAC focuses on civil rights, education, health, and employment in communities across the nation. Each year, LULAC provides $1,000,000 in scholarships for Hispanic students and supports community programs working on literacy and job skills training.

Their support for Puerto Rico statehood helps to inform and encourage the government to address this important issue. You can help, too, by reaching out to your representatives and making sure that they know you care about equality for Puerto Rico through statehood.



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