Puerto Rico has just one non-voting representative in the House of Representatives, but there is a subcommittee that is responsible for Puerto Rico. The subcommittee is called “the Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs.” “Insular” literally means “having to do with islands,” and in government it refers to to island territories, including Puerto Rico.

The Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs has a hearing coming up on “Examining procedures regarding Puerto Rico’s political status and economic outlook.”

Here are the members of the subcommittee, with their Twitter handles:

Do you see your representative on the list? If so, here’s a message you need to send:

Puerto Rico’s status is important to me. Please attend the June 24 House of Reps hearing on Puerto Rico’s status #StatehoodNow

Add “@” and your rep’s Twitter handle at the beginning of the tweet so he or she will see it.

If you have more to say, click the name of your rep above and you’ll find an email form to contact him or her.

You might think that all these members would go to the meeting without your urging, but these are busy people. If they don’t think their constituents care, they might choose not to go. Make sure they attend the meeting by making sure that they know that you care.

Not sure who your congressperson is? Find your congressperson!

Not seeing your rep on the list? You can still let the committee members know you care. Puerto Rico’s political and economic status should matter to all of us!



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  1. “It has been four years since the House Natural Resources Committee has given the people of Puerto Rico an opportunity to discuss this very important issue, and the upcoming oversight hearing has been a priority for the congressman…,” he said.

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