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  1. I SUPPORT PR FOR STATEHOOD!!!, after being US TERRITORY FOR OVER 100 years, I feel is time to let them to become the 51 state of the union NOW!!! 🇺🇸🇵🇷🇺🇸!!! Make América Great Again!!!! God bless 🇺🇸 AMERICA!!!

  2. I’m a retired Navy guy who’s first ship was the USS Ponce (LPD)-15 named for Ponce ,Puerto Rico and that’s ship’s crew was comprised of quite a few Puerto Rican’s who were real cool guys to sail with and I thought as did they that they were as American as I was lol

  3. I strongly support PR statehood not the current second class citizenship the island now has. The Puerto Rican people are Americans that have sacrificed, contributed, and enriched our country and have earned the right to the full benefits of citizenship to the Union.

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