The list of candidates for this year’s presidential race is getting shorter:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Bill Weld
  3. Joe Biden
  4. Tulsi Gabbard
  5. Bernie Sanders
  6. Kimberly Ruff
  7. Dario Hunter

Tulsi Gabbard has just a handful of electoral votes and Bill Weld even fewer. Ruff is running on the Libertarian ticket and Dario Hunter is a leading candidate for the Green Party. We will update this list as the campaign season continues.

Which candidates support statehood for Puerto Rico?

At present, two of the people on this list have spoken clearly for Puerto Rico statehood:  Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Biden.

  • Tulsi Gabbard has not made any statements about Puerto Rico statehood, but she was a cosponsor for HR 727, the Puerto Rico Statehood Admission Process Act of 2015.
  • Joe Biden appears to support statehood for Puerto Rico. He has said that Puerto Rico should keep working toward statehood.

We will continue to update this information as we receive news. Please ask the candidates you follow whether they support statehood or not, and let us know when they answer. Also please let us know if you know about other people who should be on the list of serious candidates. We want to maintain the most accurate information possible and we appreciate your help.



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  1. *ASK POLITICIAN-Will you allow Federal discrimination (since 1898) against 2d Class US Citizens-American Veterans (part of “We The People”) in the US Territory of Puerto Rico (with more US Citizens than 22 States) OR support FAIRNESS-EQUALITY through STATEHOOD or only ALTERNATIVE: Non-Territorial Referendum: STATEHOOD vs INDEPENDENCE (without or with PACT of Free Association)?
    *You are either for FAIRNESS-Equal Rights or you excuse-support 120+ years of Federal discrimination!
    CONTACT: MEDIA; US President and US Congress (DO: Resolutions; Emails; Letters; Forums; Town Halls…) Speak-up for Right! *Don’t only put Band-Aids on the grave Puerto Rican Crisis (since 1898), but, RESOLVE it!
    • US Congress:
    • US President:

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