How are Puerto Ricans on the mainland keeping in touch with news about Puerto Rico? A new survey of Puerto Rican voters in Central Florida’s I-4 corridor shows that TV is by far the most popular method.

Telemundo and Univision were mentioned specifically. A little more than 10% of respondents said they got their news about Puerto Rico from TV advertising, suggesting an openness to TV commercials as a source of news and information.

Almost 22% of respondents said they kept up with current events in Puerto Rico by talking with friends, family, or former neighbors in Puerto Rico, while 9% got their information from friends and family on the mainland. The fact that these voters, most of whom have lived in Florida for many years, continue to rely on word of mouth from Puerto Rico for news shows that a high proportion keep in touch with people on the Island and care about Island issues.

17.7% mentioned internet news as their source. A recent Pew Research study found that half of Americans in general now use online news as their primary news source, so respondents were less likely than the average American to rely on the web for their news about Puerto Rico, but it was the only other source mentioned by 10% or more of respondents.

Fewer than 10% of respondents said they got their news about Puerto Rico from radio or newspapers.

When asked about their preferred language for news, the great majority chose Spanish – 61% using only Spanish and another 28% choosing both English and Spanish. Just under 10% named English as their language of choice for news from Puerto Rico.


See the full results of the survey.

Voter Consumer Research surveying FL I-4 Hispanics of Puerto Rican Origin, Dates: 8/20-9/4/2014
400 Interviews / MoE +/- 4.9%

This post was originally written in English and may be being auto-translated by Google.



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