Puerto Rico Governor Rossello is moving ahead with the Tennessee Plan for Puerto Rico. The most recent step in the campaign is the selection of two senators and five congressmen for the new state of Puerto Rico. These representatives make up the Puerto Rico Equality Commission.

This move is part of what’s known as the Tennessee Plan, because the territory of Tennessee was the first to use it in an effort to speed up their path to statehood. Congress was dragging its heels in making Tennessee a state, so Tennessee declared itself a state and sent its delegation to Washington.

The delegation was not welcomed, and Congress was firm in denying Tennessee the right to declare itself a state, but it was just a few more months before Congress took action and made Tennessee a state. Since then, a number of other territories, including California and Alaska, have used the Tennessee Plan to gain statehood.

The representatives chosen by the the governor:

  • Carlos Romero Barceló, former Resident Commissioner, former Governor of Puerto Rico, former vice-chair of the U.S. Congress Hispanic Caucus
  • Pedro Rosselló González, former Governor of Puerto Rico, former chair of the Southern Governors Association
  • Charlie Rodriguez Colon, President of the Puerto Rico Senate, chair of the Puerto Rico Democratic Party
  • Iván Rodríguez, Baseball Hall of Fame honoree
  • Luis Fortuño, former Resident Commissioner, former Governor of Puerto Rico
  • Major General Felix Santoni, U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Award
  • Zoraida Fonalledas, co-chair of Republican National Committee Growth and Opportunity Projects Commission, National Committeewoman Republican Party of Puerto Rico

This impressive collection of leaders, representing both the Democratic and Republican parties, should be a valuable addition to the U.S. Congress.

Tell your representatives that you support Puerto Rico’s demand for statehood.



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