Orlando’s Third Annual Puerto Rico Day Parade and Festival feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse, police and fire departments, and Peter Vivaldi’s crew in PR51st T shirts!

Thousands came out to celebrate Boricua culture and accomplishments.

Health was the focus of the celebration, and scholarships were awarded to students in an essay competition with the topic of mental health.

The parade honored Guánica, a town in the southwestern part of the Island, and the mayor of Guánica was one of a delegation of leaders from Puerto Rico who attended the event.


Polls show that 80% of Florida’s Puerto Rican voters favor statehood for Puerto Rico. Since those living in Florida have the opportunity to reach out to their senators and congresspeople, which those living in Puerto Rico cannot do, these voices are very important for the future of Puerto Rico.

All photos in this story are courtesy of Peter Vivaldi.



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