Travel Lemming curated a list of 50 “emerging destinations” they think travelers should know about for 2022 — and three of them are in Puerto Rico.

Aguada is at #5, Utuado at #18, and Guánica is #40.

Travel Lemming’s founder Nate Hake commented, “There is no path to recovery for the tourism industry that doesn’t rely on vaccination. The way Puerto Rico has rallied to protect the community and the local travel industry should be a shining example to the world of how we can rebuild the global tourism sector.”


Aguada is on the west coast of Puerto Rico, and it is famed for its beautiful beaches.

Travel Lemming’s writer Vanessa Ramos wrote, “”Many visitors pass through Aguada to get to popular nearby cities, without knowing they’re missing a city full of unique sights and experiences. I visited recently and I was mesmerized by its architecture and beaches.”

Aguada is sometimes called la Ciudad del Descubrimiento, or “City of the Discovery,” because it may have been the first stop of Christopher Columbus.

Travel Lemmings recommends visiting Earthship Puerto Rico, Jeanmarie Chocolate Farm, and the Aguada Pyramid.


Describing why Utuado made the list, Travel Lemming’s writer Vanessa Ramos commented, “A hidden gem in the mountains, Utuado is a destination with outdoor adventures you can enjoy without worrying about the pandemic. As a Puerto Rico local, I can’t believe such a magical city isn’t overflowing with tourists already.”

Utado is perfect for outdoor adventures, and also has wineries to visit, as well as the Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Site, an important Taino archaeological site.


Ramos said, “With a state forest that covers hundreds of acres, Guánica is a place to feel the warmth of the Caribbean and immerse your senses in a world of textures, temperatures, flavors, and colors.”

This southwestern city offers hiking trails, beaches, and water adventures.

Tourism is a U.S.-based online travel guide founded by Nate Hake, an American who has been traveling the world since 2016. Travel Lemming publishes long-form guides from the perspective of locals and expert travelers.

Puerto Rico has been working to revitalize its tourism industry in spite of the pandemic, and is optimistic about the future. With a 74% vaccination rate and sensible precautions against the spread of COVID-19, Puerto Rico expects to be in a strong position to welcome travelers in 2022.



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