The Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association will hold its annual business meeting and reunion at the Punta Borinquen Resort Conference Center in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, next week.

The conference center used to be the Ramey Officer’s Club at the former bomber base. The base was active from the 1940s till its closure in 1973. It was redeveloped into Rafael Hernandez Airport. The former base hospital is now a Marriot hotel. The space is also home to the Coast Guard station.

The Historical Association built a museum to further their goal of keeping the Spirit of Ramey — and the memories of the many members who were born at Ramey, live in Puerto Rico, and/or have family in Puerto Rico — alive. The museum was in a hangar on the former base.

The museum was destroyed by Hurricane Maria and has not yet been rebuilt. Many of the artifacts are in storage, and the organization is working to find a new home for the museum. At present, however, it is closed until further notice.

Many photographs and lots of historical information can still be seen at the organization’s website.

During the reunion, there will be will tours of the Arecibo Observatory and U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen. Some 70 members and their guests are expected to attend this year.

The organization continues to help those who were affected by Hurricane Maria.



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