Every person born in Puerto Rico is a citizen of the United States, but people who live in Puerto Rico — no matter where they were born — can’t vote in presidential elections. They can vote in primaries, though, and the Republican primary is coming up on March 6th. (The Democratic primary will be later in the year.) The Island will send 23 delegates to the party convention, so they will have a voice in the choice of a candidate — for whom they will not be able to vote in November.

But the choice of candidate is important, and this is one of the few opportunities Puerto Rico has to influence the government of our nation.

If you live in Puerto Rico, you can find your voting place at this link   for the Republican primary or here from the website of the Republican Party of Puerto Rico.  Your vote is important: it will help to determine the candidates for the presidency. Choosing a candidate who favors equality for Puerto Rico through statehood will make it easier to achieve statehood in the next four to eight years. Choosing a candidate who does not support Puerto Rico will make it more difficult.

If you live in one of the States, you might already have voted in a caucus or primary. If not, make sure you do. And let your representatives in the House and the Senate know that you care about equality for the 3.5 million U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico.



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