Ricardo Antonio “Ricky” Rosselló Nevares is the governor-elect of Puerto Rico. Rosselló is the son of former governor Pedro Rosselló, and he is the first son of governor to run for governor of Puerto Rico.

Rosselló was educated at MIT and the University of Michigan. His research focused on stem cell technology, and he worked as a researcher in this subject at Duke University. He led the Puerto Rico Students Association at his college, and served as a delegate to the Democratic Party Convention in 2008 and again in 2012. He worked as a political reporter and analyst and then founded the organization Boricua ¡Ahora Es! This statehood-supporting organization helped launch Rosello’s candidacy for governor. 

The main platform of Rossello’s gubernatorial campaign was statehood for Puerto Rico. Rossello understands that statehood is the key to economic improvement for Puerto Rico.

The federal government has already set aside funds for one final referendum. While the White House already declared the 2012 referendum — in which 54% voted to end the current territorial relationship and 61% chose statehood from the options for a new status — a “clear result,” the administration wants to be sure that the last referendum for Puerto Rico is not open to interpretation. The law providing the funds specifies that all the options on the ballot must be approved by the Department of Justice as viable under the U.S. Constitution. It also specifies that there must be enough voter education to be sure that people understand exactly what they are voting for.

This will allow Puerto Rico’s vote to be taken seriously by Congress.

Current Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla promised to hold the referendum in 2016, but has been distracted by economic crises. Governor-elect Rossello says that holding the referendum will be one of his first acts in office.

If the new vote confirms statehood as the choice of the people, there is an act ready in Congress to move Puerto Rico toward statehood by the next presidential election. Rossello has made it clear that this is a priority for his new government.



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  1. Why is it difficult to get my birth certificate from Puerto Rico i have ordered it 7 times and i need it for my Florida identification card. I cannot get thru is there sonething that can be done

    • Marta Ivette, you must address your correspondence to Departamento de Salud
      Registro Demografico. Fernandez Juncos Station San Juan Puerto Rico 00910.
      After that wait for their answer you may have to purchase some internal stamps.
      I don’t know how much. Should you any problem, Email me at joepalooka @Comcast.net I will try my best to help you.
      Jose Alvarez

  2. I will support your efforts to become a state of America. I fully recognize the contributions of your people to our great nation. Whatever I can do to help I will.

    • Reply to Mr. Burt, There is nothing you can do, neither I, We must be a citizen in
      Puerto Rico to vote for the referendum. But in any rate “Thanks”

  3. Por favor, no firme el proyecto de expropiacion forzosa. Hay personas malintencionadas detras de este proyecto.

  4. I have a design for an emergency automatic activated ‘storm wall’ to prevent the island from flooding. If you want to hear about it let me know at my email address

  5. Fema waste of money in Puerto Rico , FEMA PA RESERVES make $9000 a month plus $700 for car rentals, plus $135 per diem a day ever day, plus $4000 to $6500 a month for renting hotel room or rent, plus free Apple cell phone yr round if there working or not , why cant they hire locals an get rid of the pa reserves, could hire 5 locals for cost of 1 pa reserves

  6. Tell Governor Ricardo Rossello.. Dont ever threaten our President Trump… If you keep on, we will tell him not to help you all with our $$$$(Defund)….. Back off. Stop being like Demon RATS…

  7. I have sent a proposal to provide 1,000 MW of Clean Energy and 100,000,000 gallons of clean drinking water a day to Governor Rossello. I am fully funded, so Puerto Rico would only have to supply the land along the ocean to put a Desalination Plant and Power Plant, all clean energy. Please have the Governor or the appropriate personnel contact me at 480-430-2043.

    Thank you.

    JW Jennings

  8. Because of a Republican “Roy Chip” whom voted against the funding for the disaster relief bill that included Puerto Rico. As many residents live in shelters with blue tarps and in disrepair, this congressmen failed to recognize the needs of the people in this territory.
    My son was in Puerto Rico and saw the amount of destruction and those individuals that still have very little. Conditions that here in the states, we would not allow our animals to live in. Yet, unfortunately, we have those in Washington that have spent thousands on private air plane flights or expensive office furniture, while the needs of so many here are last.
    Please, when it comes to for elections, do your research, find out who was there to help you and who wasn’t.

  9. Statehood tip: Since Donald Trump is a republican and Puerto Rico is a democratic and Donald Trump as a republican does not want the democratic States to outnumber the republican States, Donald Trump would have more support for statehood for a republican Territory. So if Puerto Rico decides to become a republic, Puerto Rico may more likely be granted statehood. Unless Donald Trump looks for other excuses for declining Puerto Rico statehood. Such as money excuses. But U.S. history has repeated that very political opinion of keeping the number of republic States vs. democratic States balanced. Democratic Alaska was declined statehood because republican President Eisenhower did not want democracy to have more seats than republicans had. But when republican Hawaii voted mostly for statehood, President Eisenhower not only agreed to make Hawaii a State, but on the same year, he also agreed to make democratic Alaska a State. And North and South Dakota were one whole Territory before splitting into two and becoming States. At the time when the Territory of Dakota voted mostly to become a State, no other Territory wanted to become a State. So for the purpose of keeping the number of republics vs. democrats balanced, statehood for Dakota was denied. When Dakota realized the reason they were denied statehood, Dakota agreed to split into two, one republic; one democratic and did so, not only did the President make both Dakotas States, he signed one declaration immediately after the other. In fact, which one he signed first and which Dakota became a State first, has always been a mystery. Even to this day. So if Puerto Rico were a republic or if it were decided that Puerto Rico become a republic, Donald Trump would more likely grant Puerto Rico statehood. But given Donald Trump’s extreme insensitivity, this is just a theory. Which is why I hope that Donald Trump won’t be reelected. And if a democratic candidate wins the next election in late 2020, that new President may grant Puerto Rico, either regardless to the inequality of democrats and republics and regardless to whether or not the new President agrees to grant D.C. a State, or the new President would still only agree to grant Puerto Rico statehood if Puerto Rico becomes a republic and then grant D.C. statehood as well, thus keeping the number of democrats and republics balanced. But one thing is certain: Donald Trump will never agree to make Puerto Rico a democratic State, in effect, causing the democratic States to outnumber the republic States.

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