Fishingbooker has produced its list of the most colorful fishing towns in the world, and San Juan is #3.

Willemstad, Curaçao, is number one on the list and Santorini, Greece, is number two, so you can see that San Juan is in good company.

Puerto Rico is open for business, and San Juan is definitely open for tourism, including fishermen. Puerto Rico has historically had smaller levels of tourism than most tropical paradises. Tourism accounted for just over 6% of the territory’s GDP before Hurricane Maria, and reached 7.2% in 2018. Tourist arrivals increased to 193,300 in December 2018, compared with 173,700 in November of 2018.

The World Travel & Tourism Council projects that tourism will rise to 10% of the Island’s GDP by 2028.

Puerto Rico has had some significant wins in the tourism space recently. The Island was named the #1 place of the year to visit by the New York Times, and will host the World Travel & Tourism Council’s 2020 Global Summit.

Discover Puerto Rico describes the improvements in Puerto Rico’s tourism industry since the hurricane as “unprecedented.” Bookings are 24% higher than at this point in 2017.

Fishermen, as well as other tourists, can feel confident that visiting Puerto Rico will help the economy recover — and enjoy the colors, too.



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