A recent survey found that half of Americans don’t know that the people of Puerto Rico are citizens of the United States.

Part of our mission at PR51st is to help answer these essential questions:

By providing clear answers to the confusing questions people have, we can move Puerto Rico closer to full equality with the states.

But we also want to provoke action. One of the things that we know will make a difference is communicating to Congress that we care about Puerto Rico. Congressmen and women and senators are committed to representing their constituents. If they don’t think we care about equality and human rights for Puerto Rico, they won’t take action.

And Congress has the ultimate power over Puerto Rico. We need them to take action.

The passage of PROMESA — even though it’s not perfect — was amazing. It’s rare for both parties in the House and the Senate to get together and take shared action. It’s rare for Congress to take action on Puerto Rico.

We need to make sure that they don’t lose momentum. It’s becoming clear to more and more people that statehood is the solution. If Congress hears that from you, it can spur them to further action.

Our Contact Your Legislators page makes it easy for you to reach your representatives in Congress. You’ll just put in your zip code — and your street address if your zip code has more than one representative. Write your letter or use ours, and you can automatically email it to your representative.

Here’s our letter:

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and serve in the United States military at extraordinarily high rates.  Many have died in service. Puerto Ricans are willing to serve and sacrifice their lives for our country — it is only right to give Puerto Ricans the dignity and respect that comes with statehood.

If we seek to honor our country’s proud democratic tradition, the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico must have voting representation.  Residents of the island are subject to all federal laws and pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Puerto Rico should have equitable treatment under Medicaid and access to proven measures of economic growth, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.  Ultimately, equality and democracy for Puerto Rico cannot be done piecemeal – Puerto Rico needs statehood.

Residents of Puerto Rico deserve a level playing field with the same legal rights and responsibilities granted to United States citizens in the states.

Puerto Rico statehood now!

You can send it as it is, but you can also add your own story, or write your own letter.

We’d also like you to use your your social media accounts to reach your representatives, or other members of Congress that you think will listen. Find your rep’s Twitter handle and use @ to let them know what you think. Or use the Sound Off box on the right side of this page.

We are closer to statehood now than ever before. This is the time to take action. Please join us.



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