Puerto Rico is closer to becoming a state than ever before in history. So here are ten quick facts about the state of Puerto Rico:

  1. When Puerto Rico becomes a state, it will be the 33rd territory to become a state, and the 51st State of the Union.
  2. With 3.2 million residents, Puerto Rico will be the 29th most populous state, a little smaller in population than Utah but larger than Iowa.
  3. Puerto Rico is, and still will be, about the same size in square miles as Connecticut.
  4. Puerto Rico will have 5 voting members in Congress. Right now, as a territory, Puerto Rico has one non-voting member.
  5. Puerto Rico will have 2 senators, just like every other state.
  6. The residents of Puerto Rico will be able to vote not only in the presidential primaries, as they can right now, but also in presidential elections. As a territory, Puerto Rico has no electoral votes and residents of Puerto Rico can’t vote in presidential elections.
  7. With both English and Spanish as official languages, Puerto Rico will be the second state to have two official languages. The United States does not have an official language.
  8. Puerto Rico will not be the state with the largest number of Spanish speakers — that will be New Mexico. It will also not be the state with the largest Hispanic population — that’s California.
  9. Puerto Rico’s state song will be “La Borinquena.” New Jersey is the only state with no state song. Arkansas has four state songs and New Mexico has five.
  10. Puerto Rico currently has 9 public holidays. The U.S. has 10 federal holidays, but the federal government does not set holidays for states; each state sets its own holidays.



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  1. also unless they prefer to stay here on the mainland they’ll be able to repatriate back to Puerto Rico to rebuild their new state & partake whatever new opportunities that might exist afterward plus with China & Russia lurking en el Mar de Caribe it might give our Federal Government more of an incentive to defend it

    • For some reason, Democrats and Republicans are afraid to make it a State. For Dems, PR is not liberal enough, for Reps, PR is not Conservative enough.. PR people are the best example of what being a true American is all about…

  2. As an american. puerto rican…i want pr to become the 51st state of the union
    …please do not prolonged anymore

    • Most Puerto Ricans will tell you they are Puerto rican but not American. They have American citizenship , but we are not Americans .

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