The website United for Puerto Rico is a single-page site, in English and in Spanish, where you can sign up for news updates and donate to help Puerto  Rico clean up after the hurricanes and start the long process of rebuilding. Sponsored by Beatriz Rossello, first lady of Puerto Rico, the site is a good starting point if you want to help.

Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, former Texas Ranger and now a member of the Puerto Rico Statehood Commission, is collecting clothing, household goods, bottled water, and building supplies in Irving, Texas, for delivery to United for Puerto Rico.

Pudge Rodriguez


The Office of the Governor has also provided official contact information for those needing assistance and those wishing to provide assistance.




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    • A puerto Rico man has a strokee or black out, he was in a hospital in mineapolis MN . The hospital was needed to speak with a family member of him to attend his medical condition. We call Ellen de Genres,The Doctors, Dr. Phil , Ricky Martin , Olga Tanon to epilepsy foundetion and more To hep this man. But you are big liers now this man is dead

  1. Trying to locate grandmother..alone in Bahamian, Puerto Rico. Lives in egida medical senior home carr#2 ..goes by Carmen iris ..any on with information please, please contact me.

  2. Trying to establish some kind of comunication,with all my brothers and sisters,nices,nephews,ubcles etc some of them are in Barrio Mambiche Prieto,Mambiche Blanco of Humacao,also in Naguabo,Cayey

  3. Porque no publicas el comentario? EDWIN EZAGUIRRE murio porque en el hospital no quisieron atenderlo bien, con el pretexto de hablar con algun familiar. Y todas las fundaciones como epilepsy, no sirven los artistas Ricky Olga Juan Luis tan religiosos

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