If you vote in the yes/no statehood vote on November 3rd, what will you accomplish with that vote?

Rep. Rob Bishop, Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Committee, says, “I encourage you, every registered voter in Puerto Rico to embrace your civic duty and express your desire for the island’s future relationship with the U.S. by voting in the status plebiscite. Congress needs to hear from you. Congress respects the legal process that has been set forth by the Puerto Rican Government in drafting this plebiscite, and only after we have had a chance to hear from the people of Puerto Rico directly can we move to resolve the status issue of the territory. And remember that voting YES would mean being on an equal footing with the rest of the 50 states. My fellow Americans, this November you have a real opportunity to make your voices heard here in the halls of Congress. Please vote. The future of Puerto Rico depends on it.”

Rep. Bishop, a congressman from Utah, has been a supporter of Puerto Rico statehood for many years. He knows from the history of his own home state that a state is in a much stronger position than a territory.

In just one of his statements over the years, Rep. Bishop said, “They are Americans. They have a history of patriotism. They are a clear part of the country.”

Rep. Bishop is one of the many congressional members talking about Puerto Rico. His point, that Congress can’t take action without a clear mandate from the people, shows that a clear majority voting “Yes” once again will give Congress the mandate they need to take action.

Rep. Bishop is a Republican. If you have heard that Republicans won’t vote to admit Puerto Rico, Rep. Bishop should help to prove that isn’t true.

Sen. Marco Rubio 

Rep. Bishop is not the only lawmaker calling for you to vote YES. He isn’t even the only Republican. Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, shared this video asking Puerto Rico voters to vote “SI.” It’s too important, he said, for anyone to sit on the sidelines.

“This November you will have the opportunity to make history,” said Senator Rubio. “You will make clear, for the first time in more than 100 years, if the majority of voters in Puerto Rico support admission as a state. This simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ question on statehood is of great importance to the future of the island and the U.S. It’s too important to stay on the sidelines. Vote. Support for statehood is growing. Now your fellow citizens need to hear directly from you. The American citizens of Puerto Rico have a long history of contributions and defense of our nation. The moment to exercise your rights and vote has come.”

Republican or Democrat, be sure to turn out to vote. And vote YES if you want equality for Puerto Rico.



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