Statehood for Puerto Rico is closer than ever before. Puerto Rico has already voted for statehood, and a final Federally-sponsored referendum on the status question has been funded. There is a bill in the U.S. Congress demanding action on the final plebiscite once it takes place.

Independence continues to be unpopular among Puerto Ricans, who cherish their U.S. citizenship and have shown their patriotism in military service for more than a century.

The current territorial status has negative consequences for Puerto Rico and for the United States.

The “enhanced commonwealth” option has been declared unconstitutional, and the Department of Justice will never approve it, so it will not be on the ballot.

What is left? Statehood. Just like Alaska and Hawaii, Puerto Rico should be allowed to vote whether or not to become a state.

What will it take to make this happen?

  • The Federally-sponsored referendum must be arranged. If you live in Puerto Rico, tell your local representatives that you want to vote.
  • The people of Puerto Rico must confirm that they want statehood. The many who have left the Island have already voted for statehood with their feet. Those who remain must make a clear statement. Send your friends and relatives in Puerto Rico The Case for Statehood.
  • Congress must take action. If you live on the mainland, tell your representatives how you feel, and sign the petition for statehood.

Many changes have been made in the years that Puerto Rico has been a territory. The change to admit Puerto Rico to the Union is not the hardest change that has been accomplished. Now is the time.



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